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Luke Collymore

Luke Collymore

I'm a Director at Develo//design Ltd and also a senior developer. I've got over 10 years computer programming experience and I'm now helping our growing clients ecommerce websites sell over £5m each year on the Magento platform.

We're still looking for an experienced web developer to join us, applications welcome here -> PHP Developer Birmingham
Below is an email we recently had to send to an applicant after an interview, have a read through and hopefully you'll not make the same kind of mistakes.

Dear {Applicant Name}

Thank you for coming in yesterday, I've discussed this with Paul and we both feel that we're looking for a different kind of developer, one who takes quality code, software architecture and the full development process a little more serious.

If we had to highlight a few of the main issues and to provide feedback that you can hopefully benefit from it would be,

  • Please do a little research into the company you're going to see, even just the basics, the company name, type of work they do, clients worked for etc.
  • Have some questions prepared.
  • Research further into what MVC actually means, Wordpress's architecture is far from MVC.
  • Get some experience with a decent IDE like PHPstorm, Netbeans, Eclipse etc using debugging, profiling tools, as Dreamweaver just doesn't cut it
  • Try not to boast about stealing / cracking software
  • Don't check messages on your phone when speaking to people
    • Wish you the best of luck in finding your next role and hope you go on to become a successful web developer.

      If you feel you won't make the same kind of mistakes please let us know here -> PHP Developer job Birmingham

We've been developing Magento websites for the past 4 years, we've learnt alot about getting your store to rank well in search engines organically. Out of the box it's an eCommerce system that is setup for being listed high in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) which really does make all the difference to the number of visitors finding your site from a search. So what does it do well and how can it be improved?

Here are some of the the things that Magento does well and where it possibly benefits over some other eCommerce systems

  •  Correct use of header tags and page structure (I'm referring to the default themes so be careful as some cheap themes avaialble to purchase might not be!)
  •  Ability to control meta data and page titles
  •  Google sitemap generation ( when turned on! )
  •  Clean SEO urls no strange characters or unnecessary numbers/codes
  •  Use of Image alt tags (When correctly set)
  •  Set canonical urls for products that appear in multiple categories.
  • Plus many more..

We've found that a lot of people spend a great deal of time changing the look and feel of their ecommerce site, but then neglect to the users experience when trying to complete and pay for their items. After a user has found the products they're looking for the next part can be more stressful, so it should be the site owners responsibility to make the users journey through the checkout as simple as possible.

We're just going to outline some improvements you can make to the standard Magento checkout, these will hopefully get your customers through the checkout process as quickly as possible, eliminating unnecessary steps which is the best way to reduce cart abandonment. We're not going to look at completely redesigning the checkout process of Magento as that's a different article all together, we'll just be looking at some little changes you can implement quickly and hopefully see results in conversions and reduced abandonment rates.

By default Magento doesn't offer much to the user if they misspell words. As a simple fix for this you can use the PHP functions pspell to highlight to the users any basic misspellings for their search word.

It can be difficult finding creative ways to promote products on your ecommerce site, I'm sure most retailers would benefit from pushing sales of certain products. Trying to do this while keeping a site easily to navigate is sometimes difficult, I was recently asked to implement featured products into the drop down menu of a Magento site. Magento's menu generating code is pretty straight foward and with a bit of careful coding you can insert some extra markup in the right places to allow a different product to be shown in each dropdown area.

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Send us an email or give us a call on (0121 663 0817)

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