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Improving Magento Checkout Payment and Shipping Sections

Improving Magento Checkout Payment and Shipping Sections

We’ve found that a lot of people spend a great deal of time changing the look and feel of their ecommerce site, but then neglect to the users experience when trying to complete and pay for their items. After a user has found the products they’re looking for the next part can be more stressful, so it should be the site owners responsibility to make the users journey through the checkout as simple as possible.

We’re just going to outline some improvements you can make to the standard Magento checkout, these will hopefully get your customers through the checkout process as quickly as possible, eliminating unnecessary steps which is the best way to reduce cart abandonment. We’re not going to look at completely redesigning the checkout process of Magento as that’s a different article all together, we’ll just be looking at some little changes you can implement quickly and hopefully see results in conversions and reduced abandonment rates.


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