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E-Commerce Design Trends of 2017

E-commerce websites have seen an evolution in design and development. Each year, we see new innovations and creativity from designers for e-commerce websites, and for 2017, we have shifted into more advanced and intelligent design. Website designers constantly evaluate their designs to ensure that customers can benefit from the best shopping experience possible. Here are […]


Top 5 Free Magento Extensions For Your Website

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the market, with over 5000 extensions and a very active community. The list of extensions is constantly growing and there is an abundance of useful extensions for all types of websites. Magento extensions can provide extra various different functionalities to a website, which can enhance your […]


How Can Web Apps Benefit My Business?

The internet is a very competitive platform and online businesses know how challenging it can be to get their business noticed and in front of potential customers. Web development has proven to be essential for online businesses and e-commerce businesses as websites act as a platform for businesses to advertise their products and services on. […]


The Importance of Branding to a Website

A brand is the image or idea for a specific product or service and business use branding to create a sense of recognition with consumers. Branding enables businesses to implement consistency within their services which contributes to how a product or service can have a memorable look. Branding is more than just the logo and […]


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