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What Do You Know About Local SEO?

Local SEO has grown significantly over the past few years. The improvements made in technology that allows us to stay better connected means we have moved away from using Google to search for answers to using Google to demand answers. I don’t want to have to click through to a website to find out where […]


Magento SEO Advice

Magento SEO Advice

We’ve been developing Magento websites for the past 4 years, we’ve learnt alot about getting your store to rank well in search engines organically. Out of the box it’s an eCommerce system that is setup for being listed high in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) which really does make all the difference to the number of visitors finding your site from a search. So what does it do well and how can it be improved?

Here are some of the the things that Magento does well and where it possibly benefits over some other eCommerce systems

  •  Correct use of header tags and page structure (I’m referring to the default themes so be careful as some cheap themes avaialble to purchase might not be!)
  •  Ability to control meta data and page titles
  •  Google sitemap generation ( when turned on! )
  •  Clean SEO urls no strange characters or unnecessary numbers/codes
  •  Use of Image alt tags (When correctly set)
  •  Set canonical urls for products that appear in multiple categories.
  • Plus many more..

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