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Should I Upgrade to Magento 2?

The second-generation Magento platform delivers great improvements and enhancements on all aspects from the first generation. Many new businesses are being drawn to the platform due to the strong benefits that the platform provides. If you are currently using an older platform of Magento, then now may be a good time to decide whether you need to upgrade the platform or not. There are justified arguments for and against upgrading to Magento 2 and we’ll be exploring the benefits of upgrading to the newer platform.

What Can I Expect From Magento 2?

Upgrading to the second-generation platform of Magento brings along numerous benefits for both your business and your customers. It’s important to keep in mind that this transition isn’t actually an upgrade as the structure of Magento 1 and 2 are very different. This means that switching versions will require your database to be migrated, the website design to be re-implemented, and 3rd party extensions will need to be re-installed. Develo Design can help you transition to the new Magento platform with ease and we can make sure that your migration goes as smoothly as possible.

Main improvements of Magento 2:

Enhanced Checkout Process – Magento 2 brings significant improvements to the checkout process. These improvements can help increase conversion rates and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Full Page Caching – The use of full page caching is one of the important improvements that reduce server loads and accelerate page load speeds. Not only will this improve the experience for your customers, but it can also have a positive impact on your website in terms of SEO.

Intuitive Admin Panel – The redesigned administrative panel makes the learning curve much easier and it can decrease the need to spend more time on day-to-day operations. The new panel also makes the platform look more modern and attractive.

When Should I Upgrade?

Magento 1 will eventually no longer be officially supported with security patches and updates as the community will shift the focus on Magento 2. For merchants that are currently on the first-generation platform, this means that you will no longer receive any new features, updates and new themes when Magento 1 begins to phase out.

If your e-commerce store is performing well, meeting all of your requirements, and the version of the Magento 1 platform is 1.8 or above, then you could stay on your current platform for the time being, as long as it isn’t holding your business back.

For those that are planning to re-design their website or are experiencing problems with performance and management with Magento 1, then an upgrade to Magento 2 is justifiable and beneficial. You may also want to consider upgrading the platform if your current version of Magento is below version 1.7. Older versions of Magento will no longer receive official support and updates which makes upgrading a beneficial option for security and usability.

Benefits of Magento 2

Magento 2 was released in 2015 and provides a greatly improved and enhanced version of the Magento platform. The platform has a redesigned interface, improved features, and new developer tools that attracts many merchants and business owners. This allows the website owners to have better control of the e-commerce site and can even help their business accelerate in growth.

Here are the three main advantages of Magento 2:

Performance Enhancements

One of the main benefits of upgrading to Magento 2 is the performance benefits. Magento 2 was design with performance improvements in mind and this has allowed the platform to improve their page load speeds of up to 50% faster than Magento 1. These performance improvements also allow your e-commerce website to efficiently handle more orders and reduce the load that the server needs to handle. The main benefit of better performance is the improvement of customer experience. Your customers can benefit from more functionalities, faster site speeds and efficient order management.

Administrative Improvements

The Magento 2 platform has various improvements to the administrative interface to help you save time and effort. By simplifying and making tasks more efficient, business owners and merchants can spend less time on the day-to-day operations.

Main administrative improvements:

  • Creating new products has never been easier. With the product creation tool, it can walk you through step-by-step and it can also enable you to add more products quickly and accurately. This new tool can make adding products much faster than the previous platforms.
  • The admin navigation has also seen improvements, such as a cleaner and de-cluttered interface. The menus have been organised intuitively and viewing data has been make simple with the new filtering options available.
  • Product advertisement has taken new steps with videos. With the new platform, you can now simply add videos from social media onto your e-commerce website to advertise your products. Videos are now a natively supported feature in Magento 2.

Better Customer Experience

As the main focus for Magento 2 was the improvement of performance, you can also expect the customers to benefit from these improvements. This platform has cut down on aspects that would encourage cart abandonment and especially on mobile devices. The performance improvements make the shopping experience much simpler and efficient for customers which improves the overall customer satisfaction.

The checkout process has been improved significantly and makes it much easier and smoother to checkout. Magento 2 now allows customers to register an account after they have ordered a product, not during the checkout process. The platform also improves payment gateway integration, such as PayPal billing. This allows customers to purchase products without having to enter as much information.

Another huge improvement that this platform provides, is the enhancements to mobile browsing. As a huge amount of transactions are now performed on mobile devices, Magento 2 has greatly improved the browsing experience for mobile users. The enhanced search functionalities and the mobile-friendly checkouts help increase conversion rates for mobile devices.

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