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Our Place Kings Norton is a local non-profit organisation setup to help local residents on the 3 estates in Birmingham with social issues. Develo Design helped create website to maximise the limited budget they had for task that a well thought out website can allow them to continue on doing well into the future for minimum ongoing costs.

We were asked to help design an identity and them for the organisation who are more then happy with teh results. The creative team worked with them to work out what they wanted to represent and the final design encompassed the wide range of tasks the organisation does and with a friendly approachable design showing that they are welcoming to all residents no matter what age theyy are. The icons in the logo are then used playfully to represent the different categories of work they do.

Built on the Joomla! CMS this site is fully content managed and allows staff to update all aspects of the site with relative ease.

From Events to user registration that functionality is all there allowing staff to get news about what the organisation is doing out to people with minimal effort.

As part of the local community we’re happy to help where we can in providing high quality websites at the lowest possible cost to organisationas that stuggle to get something of real use or don’t have the funds to pay most agency costs. We do need to put food on our table as well though so we’ll help out where we can, be we can’t live on developing free websites!

If you do need help we can probably do something for your budget then please get in touch Contact us for Joomla website enquiry.


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