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Strategy, User Experience & Design

A mixture of extensive researching, fresh ideas and collaborative working will provide the framework for your user experience and design projects; allowing your initial brief to evolve into a resounding success story.

Strategy and planning

The most important part of any project, it can involve a lot of difficult questions and playing devils advocate – for both parties!

Before we start the project, we like to get to know about your business; who you are, where you came from, where you are going. We get to know about your customers and audience too, how you like to engage with them for instance. There will be a lot of ideas and questions at this stage, but this helps cultivate your project into the desired end result.

User experience and wireframes

Wireframes are the skeleton of your website that will provide the initial insight into how the design and user experience will evolve. These initial concepts will provide a solid foundation for the rest of the project.

At Develo, we use the latest technologies in web design to provide you with fully working prototype wireframes with real time feedback.


Once the wireframing is complete, the design will start to take shape. Collaboration and constant testing are vital to ensure there is no loss in translation.

Our design concepts are driven by a set of principles that ensure the final product is best for both user and owner. We don’t become attached to our own ideas and clear communication coupled with a data driven approach quantify every element of the design.

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