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With years of experience and expertise in software development, Develo Design is a professional web design and mobile app design agency in Birmingham. Our developers have years of experience in providing tailored mobile applications to a variety of businesses across Birmingham. With a wide understanding of many sectors and industires, we can provide a truly bespoke mobile application that suits your business’ needs.

What are Mobile Applications?

Mobile applications are a software application that is designed specifically to run on mobile devices such as phones, tablets and wearable technology. These mobile applications serve to provide users with portable access to information without the need of a computer.

Apps can be categorized into three main categories:

  • Native Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Hybrid Apps

Native apps are applications that are designed specifically for an operating system, such as iOS or Android. Web apps are applications which are specifically designed for web-based use, such as browsers. Hybrid apps combined elements from both native applications and web-based applications.

How Businesses can Benefit from Mobile Apps

With mobile applications being more accessible than ever, it’s a good idea for businesses to consider developing mobile apps for their business. Native apps that are specifically designed allow you to take full advantage of mobile devices and provide direct access to your businesses around the clock.

  • Streamlines Internal Processes – Every business has a process which can be streamlined, and with mobile apps, you are able to do exactly that.
  • Improves Customer Experience – Enhance your products and services by making them available anywhere and anytime. Take advantage of the portability that mobile apps give to your customers.
  • Improves Brand Engagement – Increase your outreach by utilising the mobile application marketplace. By catering to mobile users, you can effectively expand your reach to more potential customers.
  • Data capture done right – captuing data is essential for most business. Mobile apps can help automate this process and ensure the integrtity of your data through validation and reporting, this can help ensure that data errors from human input is avoided as much as possible.

With the adoption of apps for your business, you can effectively mobilize your employees and create endless opportunities for expansion.

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Develo Design is one of the leading mobile application development companies in Bimingham. Combining great functionality with intuitive designs, we can help you materialise your app idea and transform it into a fully usable application that meets your needs and your business’ needs.
Why Choose Us for your Mobile App Development?

  • Years of software development experience
  • Industry expertise
  • Worked with Various Sectors
  • Can Develop for iOS Devices
  • Can Develop for Android Devices

We have worked on a variety of mobile apps. Take a look at our mobile app development portfolio here. (The website currently does not have a Mobile Apps section on the Portfolio) The mobile industry is growing at a fast pace and your business should be taking advantage of mobile apps in order to fully utilize every channel possible. Whether you have a mobile app idea or not, our specialists at Develo can help you come up with a strategy to accelerate the growth of your business through making the most of digital technologies.

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If you have a mobile app project in mind and would like to talk to a mobile app developer, then please contact one of our friendly experts at Develo Design. With years of experience and expertise, we can help you develop a truly bespoke mobile app for your business.

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