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Magento Certified Developer Birmingham

Magento Certified Developer Birmingham

I recently passed my Magento certified developer exam after studying for it on and off for the best part of a year. I’ve done other developer certification programs like Zend certified PHP5 engineer in the past, but I found this one of the most challenging. Having just looked through the Magento certified developer directory I believe I’m the first in Birmingham to have passed this exam!

I was the first developer at Develo Design to study for and take this exam, Paul will be up next, I’ll try and help him prepare but It’s the kind of exam where you really need to just get stuck in, there’s no magic study guide to prepare you correctly, I’d say just make sure you cover all the material thoroughly, then go through it again, then once more for good measure, you’ll know you’re ready as you begin to dream about base EAV resource setup classes.


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