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Appointment Management System

Appointment app

We’ve just finished implementing an appointment booking and management system for a clients Joomla site, after looking into a number of possible components we choose Appointment Booking Pro by Softventures, this system includes a wide range of excellent features including a full mobile app for booking and mangement. Integrated with Paypal for instant payment of appoinments book this covered all requriements for the clients site and just required us to implement it and customize to their exact needs.

appointment booking pro by Softventures. After a trouble free installation we began customizing the front end and the system to meet the clients needs, this was made easier by the excellent time slot configuration the component came pre-built with which allowed us to configure the custom daily time slot requirements the client had.

With the sime slots setup testing the component with paypal was also simple as the component has a built in simple paypal payment configuration this easily allows hooking into paypal and switching from sandbox to paypal live site.

After customization of the front end and adding some mootools effects to split the otherwise rather large forms into two sections the component has functioned really well and the site is now live

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