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Hyvä Themes Development

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Let us explore how Hyvä Themes can supercharge your Magento store.

Hyva Themes

Let our Hyvä developers future-proof your Magento store

Hyvä for Magento is engineered for lightning-fast performance, ensuring your Magento 2 store always remains ahead of the competition. Expertly tailored for both D2C and B2B merchants, optimise your online store for future success and growth.

Unrivalled Performance

Hyvä Themes isn’t just about aesthetics. At its core, it’s designed for powerful performance, ensuring your Magento 2 store is always at its best.


Achieve 90-100 across Google’s core web vitals


250%+ faster in core web vitals performance vs Magento standard Luma theme


One modern JavaScript framework out the box


Tailwind CSS reduces CSS output by over 90%


Increased conversion rates & improved SEO rankings

Smart Maintenance

Hyvä themes is meticulously crafted for easy maintenance, paving the way for cost-effective project execution and faster time-to-market.


Strong developer community


Continuous development of compatible extensions


Easier to debug and work on new features


Ready to scale and suitable for all business sizes

Accelerated Launches

Hyvä Themes rivals PWA performance but with less complexity, enabling faster development and time to launch


Modern tech stack enables developers to execute theme changes quickly


Easier for frontend developers to work with compared to the Luma theme


Stand out from the crowd with streamlined theme upgrades


Theme license enables access to compatible third-party modules & integrations

Hyvä UI

Made for modern merchants, this interface prioritises a frictionless shopping experience, seamlessly blending brand aesthetics with premium functionality


An expansive library of prebuilt components to accelerate development


Designed to enhance both the shopping journey and user experience


Uniform UI consistency across all devices


A flexible design that we can customise to your brand’s identity and requirements

Boost Conversions

A side effect of improved performance is increased conversion rates and an enhanced user experience


Enable seamless conversions with reduced wait time


High-performance out-of-the box, similar to PWA


Fast storefront experience even with low signal and on older devices


Improved search rankings

Hyvä Enterprise

Unlock a world of B2B possibilities with Hyvä Enterprise, tailored to support, scale and enhance your Adobe Commerce store’s capabilities.


Perfectly integrates with Adobe Commerce features


Handle B2B transactions with the same ease as D2C operations


Easily turn features on or off as your business evolves


Ensure all customers, from bulk buyers to individual shoppers, navigate with ease

Why choose Develo for Hyvä Development?

We’re a certified, specialist Magento agency who believe in transparency and trust. We’ve been delivering world class eCommerce websites on Magento since 2010 and proactively strive to deliver the best and latest solutions for clients, which is what leads us to recommend Hyvä for Magento. We aim to make the complex seem simple and provide the flexibility you need from a web development partner.

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We also develop Hyvä Compat Modules

Here are some of the third-party modules our Magento Hyvä developers made compatible with Hyvä


Easing payment processes for merchants and optimising checkout options.

Currently in development for Hyvä checkout integration.

Find ModuleStripe

Refining customer search with FactFinder for Hyvä.

Providing a powerful AI-driven product discovery system.

Find ModuleFactFinder

Allowing merchants to highlight product and promotions with rotator & pop up banners.

Personalised banner options with built-in analytics.

Find ModuleMirasvit

Frequently Asked Questions

Hyvä Themes offer faster load times, better performance, improved user experience, and easy customisability. They are designed to help your store achieve high Google Vitals scores and enhance SEO rankings.

Yes, Hyvä Themes can seamlessly integrate with a variety of third-party modules, including payment gateways, SEO tools, and marketing automation platforms. Our Hyvä developers will ensure these integrations are smooth and efficient.

Hyvä Themes use modern technologies like Tailwind CSS and a single JavaScript framework, which significantly reduces code bloat and improves loading speeds, leading to a better user experience and higher conversion rates.

Migrating from Magento Luma to Hyvä Themes is straightforward with our expert guidance. Our Hyvä developers specialise in seamless migrations that enhance performance and user experience without extensive downtime.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services, including regular updates, security patches, and continuous improvement programs to ensure your Hyvä-powered site remains at peak performance.

Absolutely. At Develo, we specialise in developing custom modules tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring your Hyvä-powered store can leverage unique functionalities and integrations.

Hyvä Themes prioritise a frictionless shopping experience, focusing on speed, mobile optimisation, and a uniform UI. This ensures that users enjoy a consistent and engaging experience across all devices.

The cost varies based on the complexity and specific needs of your project. We offer tailored Hyvä development packages starting at £10,000, designed to fit different phases of your eCommerce journey.

Implementation times can vary, but our Starter Package typically takes around 4 weeks. More complex projects may require additional time, which we will outline in your project plan.

Discover the Power of Hyvä Themes

Whether you’re migrating, building a new site, seeking compat modules, or aiming to rejuvenate your existing store, check out our Hyvä packages or reach out directly for bespoke solutions.

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