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Hyvä Themes

As a trusted provider, we are experienced in helping brands harness the power of Hyvä themes

Hyva Themes

Future-proof your Magento store

Hyvä offers a brand-new frontend theme for your Magento 2 store, a game-changing enhancement above the default Luma theme

Unrivalled Performance

Designed with speed and efficiency at its core, we’ll use Hyvä to revolutionise your Magento 2 store

100/100 across Google’s core web vitals

One modern JavaScript framework out the box

Tailwind CSS reduces CSS output by over 90%

Increased conversion rates & improved SEO rankings

Smart Maintenance

Due to its super lean framework, Hyvä is easy to maintain, therefore reducing project costs and time to market

Strong developer community

Continuous development of compatible extensions

Easier to debug and work on new features

Ready to scale and suitable for all business sizes

Accelerated Launches

Hyvä Themes rivals PWA performance but with less complexity, enabling faster development and time to launch

A modern tech stack enables developers to execute theme changes quickly

Easier for frontend developers to work with compared to Luma

Stand out from the crowd with refreshing theme upgrades

Theme license enables access to third-party compatibility modules

Boost Conversions

A side effect of improved performance is increased conversion rates and an enhanced user experience

Enable seamless conversions with reduced wait time

High-performance out-of-the box, similar to PWA

Fast storefront experience even with low signal and on older devices

Improved search rankings

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