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Seamlessly integrate your B2B store with your customers’ ERP or eProcurement system

What is PunchOut?
SAP Ariba

We seamlessly integrate with 100's of ERP systems, back office systems, B2B sales and eProcurement

Including: SAP Ariba, Jaggaer, Coupa, SAP, Oracle and many more

PunchOut connector

What is PunchOut?

PunchOut catalog software resides in your eCommerce platform but is viewable from the internal eProcurement system of the buyer

The Develo PunchOut eCommerce solution enables a direct connection between ERP or an eProcurement system of the buyer and the storefront of the supplier

Buyers can browse their suppliers’ catalogs and place orders from within their existing eProcurement system

How does PunchOut work?

punchOut the buyer

The buyer finds the sellers link in their internal ERP systems

punchOut the supplier

They are logged into the sellers website and shop as normal

punchOut the buyer

At the checkout, the order is ‘Punched-out’ back into the buyers purchasing system for approval

punchOut the supplier

Once approved, the order is automatically sent through as a purchase order to the sellers order management system

The Benefits of a PunchOut Catalog

Innovative suppliers view eProcurement as a clear strategic advantage from the competition, investing in the automation technology available to make the process of buying from you better, quicker and simpler - 24hrs a day!

Accelerate your B2B sales

Harness the power of the leading global eProcurement processes

Automate B2B ecommerce through seamless data exchange

Connect buyer and seller procurement systems in real time

Empower sales teams with industry leading speed to market

Track real time sales performance data

Integrates with almost any PunchOut compliant system

Drive efficiency

Drive time and efficiency savings through end-to-end order to invoice automation

Reduce wasted time, errors and order cancelations

Enable customers self-service to directly feed your operational systems 24/7

Manually processing invoices and quotes

Losing time while orders are loaded from one system to another

Enhance customer service

Tailor your offer to each customer’s specific needs

Create bespoke pricing, discounts and catalogs at the push of a button

Set up spending limits

Easy to use, retail-style customer order portals

Customer peace of mind on contracted pricing, inventory and service levels

Simplify your sales process – make buying from you easier!

B2B is the fastest growing business in the IT industry. Global B2B eCommerce websites “will reach $1.8 trillion and account for 17% of all B2B sales in the U.S. by 2023.”

According to the Forrester research, published in January 2020

Automated technology in purchasing is the future of eCommerce

It used to be just the big corporations and governments that were using eProcurement systems, they are now setting the standard for B2B purchasing by making it compulsory for suppliers to offer a punchOut catalog, if they wish to work with them.

Buyers are starting to request their suppliers invest in punchOut catalog capabilities and automation. So to retain customers and win new business - get your store PunchOut connected.

Develo PunchOut Connection

PunchOut explained PunchOut explained

We can create your catalog and Integrate your Magento/Adobe Commerce store, with any PunchOut compliant system

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