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eCommerce / Magento Support and Maintenance

Magento Support and Maintenance

We provide proactive and reactive Magento support and maintenance, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers


Your trusted Magento eCommerce support services

As well as creating powerful Magento sites, we understand our clients require ongoing support and development for continuous improvement and growth

Partnership Packages & Services

Ongoing Magento Support

We’ve been supporting business of all sizes with their Magento sites since 2010. Offering critical support and a dedicated eCommerce team, we’re committed to keeping your business online


Scale and grow your brand


Access our team of Magento 2 experts


Technical support and continuous development


Strategic development & guidance


Flexible 30 day contracts to suit


Hire an augmented developer or small team when needed

SLA Partnership Support Services

Receive customised Magento support designed for your business, featuring fixed monthly costs ensuring a secure, continuously growing online store to increase performance and customer engagement.

Partnership Packages & Services

24/7 uptime monitoring and critical support


Magento upgrades and security patches


3rd party integrations


Server migrations


Quick technical change requests management


UX and performance reviews


Conversion rate optimisation and SEO audits

Solutions for Everyone

We’re here for clients in the UK and internationally, and cater for unique complex support and integration requirements


Seamless Agency Transition


Global Clientele for diverse business needs


Experienced in complex interactions


Proactive Growth Strategy


D2C and B2B eCommerce Expertise


Ongoing application support and training

Our SLA clients include

Westley Richards
Leon Paul

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We can develop custom solutions and support for your Magento Commerce site to help you achieve your digital commerce business goals

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can offer a Development Partnership agreement for a legacy Magento site we have not built. Before commitment, we will thoroughly review the site to assess its code, architecture, and goals for the website. Providing any previous documentation will aid in a smoother handover process. Please note that legacy builds might be subject to different rates compared to the packages in this document, as these are not built by Develo, and inherited code may incur additional costs.

Plan your sprints ahead and set long-term goals for your website with our comprehensive support. In our partnership, you'll have access to a wide range of services, including development, technical support, UI/UX design, SEO, and conversion rate optimization. We bring expertise, proactively suggesting website improvements, identifying quick wins, and thoroughly evaluating your wishlist. Our team will guide you in balancing your needs and wants with practical, effective strategies. We're here to help when needed, ensuring your website's continuous growth and success with our diverse expertise.

Our selection of Partnership Packages covers a lot of business use cases and from your agency hours you can access our full range of support and growth services to tailored to your requirements. We are on hand to help you understand what the right level of support you would need, based on your website goals and timeframes and business budgets.

Opting for our 60-hour Enterprise package is financially comparable to hiring a Senior Magento Developer for a year. However, our package offers more than a single-dimensional approach. You gain access to a multidisciplinary team with diverse in-house skills, capable of collaboratively tackling complex issues. This adds significant value beyond what a single developer can provide, enhancing the depth and breadth of expertise available for your project.

Certainly, you can upgrade or downgrade your package. We request a 30-day notice for such changes to efficiently plan our resource allocation and manage any necessary handover between team members. If we have immediate resources available, we can accommodate your request right away. In cases where we are at capacity, we can place you on a waitlist or explore options to extend our resources to meet your needs.

No, we don't believe in tying you into lengthy contracts; instead, we aim to earn our value and become an integral part of your team. To align with this philosophy, we offer 30-day rolling contracts for all our plans, which are paid upfront. This approach ensures flexibility and adaptability to your evolving business needs, while also allowing us to efficiently plan and allocate resources.

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