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The Develo and Sprinque Partnership

B2B eCommerce Payment solutions - Our exciting partnership with Sprinque is aimed at revolutionizing B2B online business for our customers!

We're excited to announce our partnership with Sprinque, aimed at bringing the best in B2B services to our customers!

Develo has teamed up with Sprinque to empower our Magento and Adobe Commerce customers with the ability to offer Pay by Invoice with Net Payment Terms internationally, this can truly elevate their business.

Offering lines of credit isn't just a nod to traditional business transactions; it's a game-changer. With Sprinque, the risk of late on non payments and the operational burden of managing invoices becomes a thing of the past. Your existing customers and new customers can be swiftly granted a credit limit, and Net Terms tailored to their company's real credit score.

By integrating Sprinque into our B2B package: "Develo Punchout", we're providing businesses with industry-leading features straight out of the box, all at a value that's hard to beat.

Sprinque's deep knowledge of B2B payment solutions and the buyer journey, merchants can expect a seamlessly integrated webshop enriched with advanced payment capabilities. 

Sprinque's Payment Process:

Sprinque Payment Process for B2B businesses

"At Sprinque, we recognize that payments are at the heart of creating the best B2B transactions. Purchasing experiences. By combining our payments insights with Develo's digital expertise, we're helping B2B merchants launch crafting a webshops that not only acts as a massive revenue drivers powerhouse but also propels businesses towards their growth ambitions. Together, we're reshaping the B2B digital landscape." 

Juan Espinosa, CEO at Sprinque

We're on a mission to redefine how B2B businesses excel in the digital arena. For those looking to elevate their B2B eCommerce and enhance the B2B buyer journey, our partnership offers an innovative and compelling solution. 

Explore how Develo and Sprinque can help you reach your B2B online business goals.



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