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Black Friday UX/UI Tips: Optimising Shopping Experiences to Maximise Conversions

Unlock Black Friday success with 7 expert tips on User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) optimisation. Learn how to present your deals effectively, streamline the shopping journey, and boost conversions.

When it comes to Black Friday, success hinges on more than just the deals you offer. It's about how well you present those deals and how seamlessly your website guides shoppers toward their desired purchases.

In this article, we delve into 7 tips for optimising User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for Black Friday. Discover why streamlining your website is the key to turning eager shoppers into satisfied customers, all while boosting your conversions and making Black Friday a memorable experience for all.

“Black Friday isn't just a rush—it's an opportunity. It's about crafting an experience that's memorable, easy, and engaging. Conversions are won through the detail.”
 - Kathryn, Creative Director 

As a Creative Director, here's my advice:

Bold & Clear Call-to-Actions:

A graphic showing an example of bold and Clear CTA

Enhance your call-to-action buttons. Use colour and positioning to highlight the actions you want shoppers to take. Consider a different colour and button size to emphasise your Black Friday CTAs.

Highlight Top Deals: 

A Graphic showing a promotional banner

Make your top deals impossible to miss. Use banners, sliders, or dedicated product/category widgets to grab visitors' attention immediately with clear messaging and visible call-to-action.

Effortless Checkout:

Instant pay examples at checkout

Simplify the checkout process. Allow guest checkout and include popular instant-pay options like PayPal, Apple Pay & Google Pay on product pages, mini baskets and checkout stages to cater to impulse buyers and minimise drop-offs.

Create Urgency:

Black Friday countdown widget introducing urgency to shoppers

Speed up buying decisions with dynamic countdown timers and social proof notifications. Highlight how many visitors view or purchase a product in real time (FOMO pop-ups).

Build Trust:

An example of reviews building trusts for products

Build rapport by highlighting user reviews star ratings, and showcasing user-generated content such as images, videos, and social content.

Be Transparent:

Highlight your product pages' return policies, shipping details, and stock availability. Informed customers feel more confident completing their purchase.

Seamless Browsing:

Ensure a consistent shopping experience across all devices. Regularly review your analytics to identify the top 10 most used browsers and optimise your site accordingly.

So, as you gear up for Black Friday, remember that the magic happens when you combine great deals with a great user experience. Continue to fine-tune your website, monitor analytics, and adapt to your customers' requirements.

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Kathryn is our Creative Director who has worked in eCommerce Design with Develo since 2010. Kathryn’s favourite design aspects are UX and UI, blending client visions with her expertise to engage customers and drive growth.

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