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Hyvä Enterprise: Elevating Adobe Commerce with Full Compatibility and Enhanced Capabilities

Improve your Adobe Commerce experience with Hyvä Enterprise. Streamline your B2B or eCommerce operations with advanced features and robust support.

In an exciting announcement, Hyvä unveiled its latest offering, reshaping the business operations landscape. If you are a B2B entity, an eCommerce merchant, or an agency, read on to discover how Hyvä Enterprise can strengthen online operations and customer interactions.

What is Hyvä Enterprise?

Hyvä Enterprise is Hyvä’s premium offering that provides compatibility with features of Adobe Commerce, including B2B suite and Adobe Sensei for merchants using Hyvä Themes. It’s a paid ‘add-on’ to the existing Hyvä Theme and will have an ongoing subscription for upgrades and support.

Since nailing its Magento Open Source coverage with its lightning-fast front-end theme, Hyvä has shifted its focus onto Commerce to address merchants’ B2B compatibility and support needs.


Since the launch of Hyvä Themes, a growing community of skilled developers have worked on creating modules for features that weren’t compatible with the theme, this included Commerce features, and although the compat modules have been instrumental in Hyvä’s success, they are lacking official support or full coverage. 

Hyvä recognised the need to create a dedicated product to encompass enterprise-grade compatibility, full coverage and continued updates/support, so they developed Hyvä Enterprise. 

Here is a list of compatibility modules in development for Hyvä Enterprise so far:

What are the Benefits:

With Hyvä Enterprise, you get all the existing benefits of Hyvä, including fast performance, reduced complexity, lower maintenance costs and a fast time to market, as well as key feature coverage for Adobe Commerce. 

Learn more about the benefits of Hyvä Themes here.

How to Access Hyvä Enterprise

Hyvä has created a new restricted GitLab group for its packages, focusing on Commerce, B2B, and Sensei. While initially limited to contributors, this will soon be extended to partner agencies.

Client Action Steps:

If you're a current or prospective client interested in these features, keep an eye on updates and consider becoming a contributor or partnering with an agency that has access. 

Being at the forefront of this technology can offer a competitive edge. As a Hyvä supplier, we’re very excited to unlock our clients’ stores’ full potential - get in touch to find out more.


The subscription fee for Hyvä Enterprise will start at €2500 per year. It also requires a Hyvä Licence which has a one time fee of €1000. The subscription includes a licence key, access to all repositories, ongoing support/updates and covers one Magento 2 installation with unlimited domains/store views. 

Once a suitable level of compatibility is achieved, Hyvä will offer an early access programme for those who wanted to get started sooner with a reduced rate of €1500 for the first year.

Final Thoughts

We look forward to the exciting potential that Hyvä Enterprise presents for B2B Commerce. With its advanced features and compatibility options, it promises to revolutionise the way businesses engage with Adobe Commerce platforms.

Time to Upgrade?

If you're looking to enhance your eCommerce site, consider making the switch to Hyvä with Hyvä Enterprise. Not only will it elevate your operational efficiencies, but it will also offer a seamless customer experience, propelling your business ahead of the competition.  

Looking to upgrade your eCommerce site to Hyvä?


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