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I’m officially a Magento Wizard

Magento Wizard

It’s long been said that what I do with code is magical;) To back this up I was picked out and won a Magento “Mage Wizard” Hoodie at the recent Meet Magento Conference at the QE2 Conference Centre in London.

The event saw more then 300 people attend a great day of talks and networking. Speakers including leading industry figures, multi-national companies and Magento partners of all kinds gave an insight into how Magento helps their business grow.

It was great to see such a thriving community around the ecommerce system that I’ve chosen to invest A LOT of time into and can honestly say I’m pleased with that descision and more so with every new site I develop.

The Conference started early with an opening speach giving an overview of the impressive metrics Magento has gained over it’s relatively short life span, here’s a brief over view of the numbers.

  •  $25 Billion in global transactions
  •  110,000 Merchants world wide
  •  A community of integrators, developers, designers and extension market worth over $1b annually
  •  Translated into more then 120 different languages

Magento is available in the following products each tailored to provide a level of functionaltiy that should meet the specific business needs of different companies. It would be great to see some of the functionaity of the Enterprise edition make it’s way to community quicker then it currently does but I’m not one to complain about a system when it has been provided free and open source. The current avaialble editions inculde,

  • Enterprise
  • Professional This has since been discontinued.
  • Community
  • Go
  • Mobile

A new addition to this collection was also announced which is anouther higher end product aimed at larger businesses who need first class support and guarentees.

Looking forward

Anybody that keeps up to date with Magento knows the future is bright and with the take over from eBay/Paypal last year the investment and improvements to the system with continue Magento on as one of the greatest ecommerce systems for years to come.

There’s so much to write about this great event which I’ll cover seperatly but I’d definitly reccommend attending next years.



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