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Magento Product Designer

Now available to purchase!

Since we’ve had a large number of enquiries about the Magento product designer tool we’ve made it into an installable Magento extension for your store. It’s completely native and requires no core hacks, you’re store will be 100% upgradeable and it will work with any other extensions. If you’d like to use the design tool on your next project or existing site please contact us here to discuss options and pricing. 

We’ve just launched a new Magento extension for one of our clients. After we launched their site last year they’ve seen a great increase in traffic and had a large number of enquires from users who wanted to have their quality products customised, so they came to Develo Design to help build their vision of a custom product designer for their Magento store that could deliver both an enjoyable experience to the customers and a seamless integration into their Magento website. We set out with a plan to build this tool and assisted with their design for the user interface we developed the extension to exceed amongst others the following goals.

Magento product designer features

  • Seamless integration with Magento admin and order process
  • Admin access to design output as SVG, PDF and Zip file of associated uploaded images
  • Use existing Products and categories from the ecommerce store
  • Fast loading and simple to use interface
  • iPhone / iPad compatible design and purchase ability
  • Users have the ability to save designs, share on social networks
  • Import Images from Facebook, Flickr and Instagram
  • Handle Group orders including specific group names & numbers.
  • Allow Custom Fonts to be used
  • SVG of pre-made graphics can be selected and added to the design.
  • Plus many more features…

The design tool has been a great success and orders on the first day of launching from Australia and Ireland showing this should help increase the wide range of customers they already get by offering them some additional value in their purchase.

Custom Designer Demo
A demo of the T-Shirt and Custom product designer for Magento can be seen here. View the Product Designer here on Magento Marketplace

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