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Top 5 Free Magento Extensions For Your Website

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the market, with over 5000 extensions and a very active community. The list of extensions is constantly growing and there is an abundance of useful extensions for all types of websites. Magento extensions can provide extra various different functionalities to a website, which can enhance your customer’s experience and streamline your processes.

In this article, we have picked 5 free Magento extensions that can help with site speed, security, and usability to help you get started with your Magento website.



Speedster from Fooman is a highly popular speed optimisation extension for Magento websites. Speedster brings a faster customer experience by combining, compressing, and caching your website’s JavaScript and CSS files into one JavaScript and one CSS file. The Speedster Magento extension can reduce the total file sizes which enables your Magento website to have faster loading times for pages.

Features of Speedster:

  • Completely automated when installed.
  • Compresses JavaScript and CSS files without the need of GZIP on your server.
  • Reduces the total sizes of files.
  • Reduces the number of HTTP requests for empty and primed caches.
  • Multi-Store Capabilities.


Instant Search +

Instant Search + is one of the fasted growing leaders in e-commerce search, designed to make the shopping experience more convenient, easy, and intuitive. This extension can enhance your customer’s navigation on your Magento website through the use of various features, including rich autocomplete suggestions, semantic search for intelligent results, individualised search results for unique results, and many more.

Features of InstantSearch+:

  • InstantSearch+ is free for Magento stores with up to 250 products or searches.
  • Enhanced AutoComplete allows customers to get fast suggestions as soon as they search.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your Magento
  • Provides individualised search results to encourage conversions.



Watchlog is one of the most popular security extensions on Magento. This extension helps with preventing your Magento website from possible brute force attacks. You can see if someone if trying to gain unauthorised access to your CMS. Having these preventive measures in place is vital, especially for e-commerce websites as you are handling sensitive information.

Features of Watchlog:

  • Helps prevent brute force attacks on your website.
  • Provides an in-depth summary of login attempts to your website.
  • Can check daily and monthly login attempts.
  • Keeps a log of connection attempts.



LiveChat is a Magento extension that allows online businesses to engage and interact with customers on the website. This extension facilitates a messaging feature on your Magento website so your customers can contact you directly, effectively reducing the number of enquiries that customers may email or call about.

  • Provides various useful chat tools.
  • Able to customise your chat windows.
  • Can engage your customers with custom greetings.
  • Provides the option for visitor tracking and gathering useful data.


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