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What is PunchOut and how does it work?

PunchOut is a way of connecting supplier and retailer eCommerce systems so buyers can view their suppliers’ catalogues from within their own ERP or eProcurement system and add products directly to their website. For suppliers, it opens up a world of opportunity to sell your products beyond your own eCommerce site.

What does PunchOut do?

A PunchOut catalogue opens up your eCommerce store to allow secure connections from your buyers' ERP or eProcurement application, enabling you to sell your products in a much broader range of places than your website alone. This allows buyers to quickly access and browse your products directly from their system, data transfers seamlessly removing friction from the buying process.

Unlike a static, hosted catalogue, a Punchout catalogue is live. In procurement, this means that pricing is dynamically updated, browsing is easier and processes can be automated; reducing the need to contact suppliers and streamlining the purchasing process.

For suppliers, PunchOut is an ideal eCommerce solution for B2B and B2G businesses, giving you the ability to service large customers at an affordable price and allowing you access to a wide range of marketplaces where your products can be sold, outside of your eCommerce store.

How much does PunchOut cost?

PunchOut is an agreed data format, so there is no direct licence required to use it. However, if you would like to sell through to PunchOut enabled buyers then you will need to ensure your eCommerce store is PunchOut compatible, there are various ways of doing that. For Develo's customers we use either our custom built connector or Trade Centric (Formally Punchout2go), depending on requirements.

Our custom connector has integrated with over 50 different customer eProcurement platforms, so we know how to get the most out of the platform.

From our vast experience delivering both Magento and B2B commerce projects we've been able to put together a fixed priced B2B Magento store that is PunchOut ready out the box, for a fixed cost beginning at £40,000, due to making use of our tried and tested standardised build. 

Read more about our B2B PunchOut packages on the packages page.


How does Magento PunchOut work?

Once a punchOut connection has been established any staff member at the buyer's company can click a single link and be logged in to view the supplier's Magento or Adobe store. The buyer is authenticated automatically and can be shown only agreed products ranges and at pre-agreed pricing. 

The buyer can add products to their cart as normal, then at the checkout in a single click the cart contents is PunchedOut into the buyer's purchasing system for confirmation, without needing to enter payment details or addresses as these can all be saved in the system ready for them to select. 

Once confirmed the order details are automatically sent through to your store as an order that can be processed as normal. When shipments are ready to dispatch the shipment notifications can be pushed directly to the buyers eProcurement system, reducing customer support and enquiries.

PunchOut is supported by 100s of ERP systems, for example PECOS, SAP, Jaggaer, Coupa and Oracle, just to name a few. 

Understanding the PunchOut process: 

Punchout process

What are the Advantages of PunchOut?

Electronic catalogs have benefits for buyer and supplier, and integrating PunchOut into your infrastructure makes your business compliant with the expected functionality of the modern  eCommerce landscape. 

It simplifies the buying process, allowing merchants to efficiently procure B2B purchases in real-time and manage them from the familiarity of their existing digital platform and order processing infrastructure.  

Suppliers are able to present their products within the PunchOut catalog, easing the user experience for buyers as they search for products, manage their accounts and track orders in one place. 

Connecting with your customers PECOS, SAP, Jaggaer, Coupa and Oracle systems

If you're looking for a way to connect your Magento or Adobe Commerce system with your customers ERP systems including PECOS, SAP and others we have two options, our pre-built Magento extension, or a Packaged Magento system with PunchOut built in. 

View our PunchOut catalogue connection here.

If you're looking to migrate to a new super fast B2B Magento package with PunchOut


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