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3 Ways to Increase Customer Spend on Your Magento Website

For many businesses, finding ways to increase the amount that customers spend on your website can be a challenge, as can increasing how much they visit your website. It can be easier to encourage previous customers to make more purchases on your website rather than finding new customers. In this article, I will go over  several strategies which can help you encourage returning purchases and increase the customer spend on your eCommerce Magento website

Use a Loyalty Points System

A loyalty points system can encourage your customers to return to your Magento website and gives an incentive to spend more on your eCommerce website. If you find that the orders on your eCommerce website don’t grow for a while, it may be a good idea to introduce a rewards system. With this system in place, your customers can earn points by shopping on your eCommerce website and they can then use the points as discounts on their future purchases. This is a great strategy for motivating your customers to keep coming back and Magento enables you to implement this strategy very easily through one of many extensions.

Offer Free Delivery Over A Certain Amount

Customers love a good bargain, especially when there’s free delivery on offer. If you set your delivery and shipping carefully, you can entice your customers to add more items to their basket before checking out. This strategy involves setting free delivery on orders over a certain amount, but it’s important to set the amount carefully as if the amount is too high, it may end up putting off your customers instead. Another good strategy is to offer a bonus when customers buy a product. When offering a bonus item with a selected purchase, it’s important to consider what the item is as they must also appeal to the customers.

Use Email Newsletters

Email marketing is an effective method of attracting customers to your eCommerce website and can also be used to decrease shopping cart abandonment rates. Magento has support for extensions that can be implemented to help you send customised emails effectively. If you have a mailing list, you can use it to build relationships with your customers and entice them into spending more on your eCommerce website with the use of deals and offers. It’s also important to email ethically and appropriately as sending too many emails in a short span of time can be an annoyance to customers instead of an incentive.

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