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Magento 2 – add new Column to the sales Invoice PDF

Magento 2 PDF

We recently had to update Magento’s sales invoices to include an additional product attribute (Pack Size) into the PDF. Without purchasing a large extension this update can be made pretty quickly with some custom code.

As ever with a system of Magento’s complexity this does take a little setup and it’s not just editing a few files.

Step 1 – create new module

As we’re going to be doing a few updates I created an AdminOverrides module.


First we need to register the module,

Create the basic module at app/code/Develo/AdminOverrides/etc/module.xml

To override the PDF classes function in an upgrade safe way we must use the Dependancy Injection system,


Here’s the final file structure of the module.

Magento 2 module file structure

Then in your local files override just the functions that you need. In my case it was

  • The _drawHeader(\Zend_Pdf_Page $page) function of Magento\Sales\Model\Order\Pdf\Invoice
  • The draw() function of Magento\Sales\Model\Order\Pdf\Items\Invoice\DefaultInvoice

Just define your call to override the original class and override just the functions you need.


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