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3 achievable tips merchants should consider in 2023

We're here to help you upgrade your eCommerce store with 3 tips for optimisation: The 3 P's: Performance, Personalisation and Payments. We look at Hyvä, A.I and the importance of BNPL schemes with the current climate!

Improve your users experience


For those who are road-mapping their business progression for 2023 or who are currently Magento / Adobe Commerce merchants, you should be considering how to optimise your site for speed and performance.

70% of consumers admitted that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer - Unbounce

This is where you should consider Hyvä themes, it’s transformed how Magento stores are developed and this is one of the reasons it’s made its mark in the eCommerce industry so quickly.

Hyvä can future-proof your business for the demand from customers, at a fraction of the price of other more complex development technologies.  Hyvä provides developers with a great experience and extraordinary performance across all devices for customers.

Areas that impact performance:

  • Page Speed
  • SEO
  • Accessibility
  • User Experience 

If you're interested in optimising the performance of your site, get in touch and we can run our Free Initiator Magento Audit. This will focus on 4 main areas: Design and User Experience, Content Structure, Speed and Performance and SEO Configuration.

Ways to personalise customers' shopping experience


There are different ways to provide a tailored experience for your customers, a simple way of putting it, is your site being a personalised shopper for your customers. Giving them recommendations for products, along with optimised search results and providing them with a unique shopping experience through a touch of a button.

56% of online consumers tend to return to an eCommerce site that creates a list of items geared towards them. - Big Commerce

With customers expecting brands to recognise their interaction, whether it’s their shopping habits, style or regular purchases - Identifying these relationships can help you offer a more refined experience. 

Let Artificial Intelligence do the work for you

This doesn’t mean more work on the merchant's side, by using AI, it will collect data from each customer, understanding their behaviours to refine their shopping experience, therefore resulting in increased conversions. 

Algolia, is a great way to integrate personalisation into your business. It is a SAAS (software as a service) application, that refines search capabilities and recommendations. It's a powerful AI that recommends products based on individuals shopping habits and increases conversions, we recommend Algolia, and most of our clients use this to enhance their customer experience.

Quin is another great AI service that can help optimise your business for conversion. It's an AI audience building engine which gathers data on your customers in real-time. It can predict your customers journey on your site, identifying their intentions and habits e.g, whether they will abandon their cart. Quin will prompt this customer type with discounts and upsells to maintain their interest just at the right time.

Benefits of Personalisation:

  • Increased retention 
  • Drive sales
  • Streamlined buying process
  • Improved customer experience

You can integrate personalisation into all your brand's touch points, from your website to marketing campaigns. Identifying a specific audience can help you share relevant and newly released products, along with personalised promotions.

Reduce abandoned carts

Payment Methods

No business wants to lose customers at the final step of the buyer's journey, this is why we always recommend optimised payment methods at checkout, in mini cart or instant pay for our clients. This can be done by providing multiple payments to streamline the checkout process.

We're a Magento Web Development agency, who are partnered with a variety of checkout integrations to provide customers with their preferred payment methods such as; Stripe instant pay and Mollie Agency. Both offering our clients a wide range of payment methods; such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, fraud protection and other great features. 

Ensuring your customers complete their transactions may mean making payments more flexible. This is why Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) schemes such as Klarna should be considered. This method of payment has risen in popularity over the past few years and has provided customers with access to products they otherwise would not have had, by spreading the cost overtime with instalments. 

70% of those using BNPL schemes are choosing this due to the direct result of the cost of living crisis. - Forbes

Other payment gateways are Paypal or Amazon Pay. They give millions of global customers the ability to checkout with the click of a button; using their up-to-date addresses and payment methods on any site, these payment options should also be considered.

Want help optimising your eCommerce store, speak to our solution specialists for your free Magento Audit!


Phoebe Dodd

Designer & Content Creator

Phoebe is a Designer and Content Creator who has worked in design since 2019 and has been with Develo since 2020. Phoebe’s favourite aspect of Content Creation is creating engaging graphics and videos that blend storytelling and marketing. Her biggest achievement from working at Develo is enforcing humanised content in a B2B business that engages with our target audience. Outside of work, she can be found competing in cross country and athletics, or walking her Romanian rescue dog, Lyla.

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