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Develo Slider – jQuery Content Slider

Introducing Develo Slider, a lightweight, simple and easy to use content slider plugin for jQuery that uses CSS3 animations.

You can download it and use it as you wish for free from github, and if you would like to view some examples and documentation then head over to the Develo Slider homepage.

Benefits of Develo Slider

  • It’s lightweight (4kb compressed).
  • Only uses CSS for animations instead of expensive javascript animations.
  • Supports all html content, not just images.
  • Has an easily exposed api, so you can manipulate it on the fly.
  • Is fluid, and it plays nicely with Bootstrap, so 95% of the web should be ok with using it 😉
  • Very easily styled.

A Quick Example

The following is a really quick example of how to create a simple content slider.

<div id="slider-one">  
    <img src="images/image1.png">
    <img src="images/image2.png"> 
    $( '#slider-one' ).develoSlider({ 
        displayOnHover: true, items: $( '#slider-one img' ) 



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