DTE - Magento Store & B2B Portals with SAP ERP integration and Develo PunchOut Connector

Take a look at our global enterprise-level Magento build with SAP ERP integration and B2B PunchOut2Go and Develo PunchOut Connector

DTE landing page - Global enterprise-level Magento build with SAP ERP integration and PunchOut Catalogues

Congratulations to our client DTE on their new Magento site with B2B eProcurement portals.

DTE is a global IT product supplier for popular brands, with clients ranging from SMBs to enterprise organisations across multiple industries. 

We were tasked with developing their M2 store and ordering portal with over 1.3 million SKUs and 3x multi-currency sites.

We simplified the users’ journey with a seamless experience through their new custom enterprise-level Magento site, integrated with SAP, Coupa and PunchOut through Punchout2Go and the Develo Punchout connector.

Third-party integrations allowed us to optimise the site for user experience, with the use of Stripe payment methods, and Algolia for quick search results - to just name a few. 

Another great development by the Develo team!

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