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Feefo Partnership

Build your credibility and enhance customer engagement with the power of verified reviews. Let your customers' authentic experiences speak for your brand's excellence.

Another great partnership announcement for Develo Design.

- We've teamed up with Feefo, allowing our merchants to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

As a leading customer reviews and ratings platform, Feefo offers businesses a unique opportunity to strengthen their brand by leveraging customer feedback and user-generated content.

In this article, we'll explore how integrating Feefo can elevate your eCommerce business and help you improve customer experience and conversion rates.

Benefits of Feefo

Genuine and verified reviews

Customer feedback is paramount to any business, it can shape your products, services, and overall customer experience. Utilise Feefo’s review invites to collect authentic feedback in real time, giving your potential customers valuable insights into the quality of your offerings.  Your commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction is visible proof that builds credibility and helps you stand out from competitors.

Leverage data insights

Feefo's insights go beyond just reviews and ratings. As a customer of Feefo, you gain access to valuable data analytics that provide deeper insights into customer behaviour and preferences. These insights are a goldmine for refining your marketing strategies, identifying trends, improving your products, and tailoring your offerings to meet your customers' needs more effectively.

User-generated content

Feefo's image collection service is an innovative tool that empowers businesses to gather valuable feedback and capture compelling visual content directly from customers. Seamlessly integrating your customer's images into the feedback authentically showcases your products or services while gaining deeper insight and enriching your social proof.

Present your reviews 

Feefo provides a range of widgets, each with its own purpose and design. Choose the widget that best fits your website's layout, audience habits, and goals to help visibility. Typical widgets include review carousels, feedback summaries, and overall rating displays.

Seamless integration 

Integrating Feefo doesn't disrupt your existing operations; it enhances them. The platform seamlessly integrates with your website and other online platforms, making it easy for customers to leave reviews and for you to manage and respond to them. This user-friendly integration is compatible with platforms such as Magento, Shopify and Big Commerce, ensuring a smooth customer experience and saving you time with automation and scheduling.

Strengthening SEO and online visibility

In the digital age, search engine optimisation (SEO) is critical. Feefo's review content contributes to fresh and relevant content on your website, boosting your SEO efforts. Higher search engine rankings lead to increased organic traffic and visibility, ultimately attracting more potential customers to your site.

In a world where customer trust is paramount, leveraging the power of customer feedback is a game-changer. Working with Feefo offers a myriad of benefits for merchants, from building trust and credibility to enhancing customer engagement and improving your products and services. As you consider your next steps for business growth, keep in mind that Feefo isn't just about customer feedback; it's an investment in your brand's success.

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Phoebe Dodd

Designer & Content Creator

Phoebe is a Designer and Content Creator who has worked in design since 2019 and has been with Develo since 2020. Phoebe’s favourite aspect of Content Creation is creating engaging graphics and videos that blend storytelling and marketing. Her biggest achievement from working at Develo is enforcing humanised content in a B2B business that engages with our target audience. Outside of work, she can be found competing in cross country and athletics, or walking her Romanian rescue dog, Lyla.

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