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How Can Web Apps Benefit My Business?

The internet is a very competitive platform and online businesses know how challenging it can be to get their business noticed and in front of potential customers. Web development has proven to be essential for online businesses and e-commerce businesses as websites act as a platform for businesses to advertise their products and services on. Without a good-looking and fully functioning website, businesses won’t be able to drive conversions and benefit from online sales.

Traditional desktop applications can be integrated with the internet to bring web applications to businesses. When you compare a web application to a traditional desktop application, you’ll find that the benefits far outweigh the cons of developing a web app for your business. Not only can web app development help your website stand out from your competitors, but it also provides a whole range of fantastic benefits for both your business and your customers.


What are Web Apps?

A web application or web app, is an internet-based application that uses internet browsers as the interface. These applications utilise the internet to perform tasks. Users are able to connect and use these apps from any computer or device as long as they have an internet connection.

Compared to the traditional desktop application, where programs are installed onto your computer before use, you can easily access and use web apps without the need for installing any programs.

Examples of web applications include: Google Docs, Microsoft Outlook, DropBox, etc…


Benefits of Web Apps

Web application development for businesses can be very beneficial and they can provide extra functionality to your website in a cost-effective, yet efficient way.

Here are a few benefits of web app development:


Cost-Effective to Develop – With web apps, your users can access your content through internet browsers which means that web applications are not dependent on hardware. Web apps only need to be designed and developed for one operating system which makes the process much cheaper than if you were to develop a desktop application for multiple operating systems and devices.


Easily Accessible – Compared to traditional desktop applications, web apps are highly accessible as long as you have an internet connection. These website apps can be used anytime, anywhere, and any computer, which puts the user in charge of how they want to access and use the application. Having your services or products available 24/7 provides convenience to your customers.

There are a wide range of opportunities made possible with website apps, as you can have global teams collaborating and working through web applications. Not being tied to your desk and being able to access web-based applications from anywhere brings mobilisation and flexibility to your workforce.


Simple to Install & Maintain – As web applications utilise the internet and internet browsers, it should be less complicated to install and maintain. If there is a new version of the web app or a new update, it just needs to be installed onto the host server and the users can access it immediately without any disruptions. Pushing out updates with web apps is much easier than desktop applications as it only requires the user to have the latest internet browser, whereas the traditional desktop applications need to be reinstalled for each user.


Better Security – Web applications can be hosted on the cloud or on dedicated servers which can provide great security. By storing the data in the cloud or a server, you can easily access your data if equipment were to be damaged or stolen. As long as you have the web address and log in details to the web application, you can easily resume from where you left off without disruption.

Server administrators will be able to monitor your web application from a single source by which is far more effective than managing and monitoring multiple computers. This results in better security and any problems can be identified quickly.


Contact Develo Design for Web App Development

If you need to discuss your requirements for web app development then please get in touch with one of our web app developers and we will be glad to help. Our web app developers take the time to understand your business and your needs in order to deliver a bespoke web application.

Call us on 0121 663 0817 or email us at info@develodesign.co.uk.



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