Leon Pauls Site Launch - Migrating 10x Multi language stores to Magento 2

Migrating a global fencing brands multi-stores, to a Magento 2 site with custom built modules.


Congratulations to Leon Paul on your M2 site launch! - A global fencing brand, with 10x multi-language sites we have worked with since 2015!

We launched their new site after building a strong relationship and using our skillset and knowledge over the past few years. The outcome is a seamless experience with custom-built modules and modern design - the whole site is future-proofed for its continuous growth! 

We integrated their WordPress blog, personalised product features, bespoke weapon configurators and 360 product view, creating a better user experience across the whole site.

A great development by the Develo Team!

Find out more in the Portfolio write-up!



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