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Unleash the Power of Hyvä Checkout

Discover the game-changing Hyvä Checkout, a seamless and speedy solution for Magento that we've all been waiting for!

Let's talk about the Magento 2 checkout solution we've all been waiting for, the New Hyvä Themes Checkout.

Hyvä Checkout has the potential to be a game-changing module for any Magento agency. This innovative extension empowers merchants to design and build a fully customised checkout page in significantly less time than the current options.

So as web developers, you know how crucial it is to provide a seamless and efficient checkout experience for online shoppers, with shopping cart abandonment rates so high, currently sitting at 69.8% - So let's dive into the benefits that Hyvä Checkout can provide.

Why a New Checkout is Well Overdue

After successfully revolutionising the Magento frontend with Hyvä Themes, it was only a matter of time before Hyvä turned its attention to the checkout page, a make-or-break aspect of any online store. 

Studies have shown that a better design and user experience can increase checkout conversion by 35%. - Baymard

The current Luma checkout poses challenges to achieving a seamless shopping experience, with customisation to the checkout being expensive and time-consuming to make. 

Customising the Magento checkout can be beneficial for growth, allowing merchants to overcome these challenges and deliver an optimised checkout experience that drives conversions and customer satisfaction.

Features of Hyvä Checkout

Mobile Optimised

With Hyvä Checkout you can now tailor the process of finalising your purchase with a more customisable and optimised checkout, ensuring that customers on smartphones and tablets have a smooth and user-friendly journey.


Hyvä Checkout sets itself apart by prioritising the end customer's experience and optimising speed. Unlike the widely used Luma Checkout, which is notorious for its sluggishness due to reliance on too much client-side code (JavaScript).

Like Hyvä Theme, the checkout doesn't let you down on performance, with page loads almost instantly, a remarkable improvement compared to the Luma checkout used by the majority of Magento merchants. With this in mind, Speed is of utmost importance to shoppers, with 50% being significantly deterred from making a purchase if the checkout process exceeds 30 seconds.

Checkout Layout

Hyvä Checkout offers two out-of-the-box layout options: Default, which resembles the current Luma checkout with a 2-columns layout, and a one-page layout that merges all components into a 3-column layout. Hyvä also includes a mobile-specific layout, which can be enabled as needed through the admin area.


While Hyvä Checkout could be a highly desirable solution for developers and merchants, it's important to consider:

Limited Payment Provider Compatibility:

Hyvä Checkout currently supports popular payment gateways such as PayPal Express, Mollie, and Multisafepay. In addition, the team and community are actively working on integrating other widely used payment gateways, including Amazon, Braintree and Stripe.

On the shipping side, Hyvä Checkout is also undergoing developments to provide integrations with shipping providers like PostNL and ShipperHQ. These ongoing efforts reflect Hyvä's commitment to expanding the range of supported payment and shipping options, further enhancing the flexibility and functionality of the checkout experience. If you'd like to find out which modules are being developed for compatibility check out the Compatability Tracker.

Extension Compatibility:

 If you currently use extensions that add features or customize the checkout page, it's important to note that these extensions may need to be made compatible with Hyvä Checkout. While compatibility is not always guaranteed, it's worth exploring options to ensure seamless integration.

We're excited to unleash the power of Hyvä Checkout into our client's eCommerce stores. We actively scope improvements for our clients, road mapping for optimisation of their businesses for optimal conversions and improved user experience. Hyvä has provided this through the beginning of the customers journey with the improved frontend to the newly developed Hyvä Checkout!

Looking to upgrade your eCommerce store? We can scope out how Hyvä can improve your user experience!


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