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We've Partnered with Mollie!

Mollie is a tech solution for eCommerce merchants to support with payments, subscriptions and fraud protection!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mollie, a leading tech solution for eCommerce merchants, providing robust payment support, subscriptions, and fraud protection. As a web development agency, our mission is to optimise our clients' sites, enhance conversions, and improve user experiences. 

With Mollie's payment solution, merchants can now grow their businesses by offering a vast range of payment methods that seamlessly integrate into their infrastructure.

Seamless Integration Options for Businesses of All Sizes

Mollie offers various integration options tailored to meet the needs of businesses, from:

  • Ready-made plugins
  • Ready-to-go libraries 
  • Custom-build

This flexibility empowers merchants to integrate Mollie's payment solutions effortlessly and adapt them to their specific requirements.

Benefits of Mollie:

Boost Conversions and Build Trust

By accepting a wide range of payment methods, such as credit cards, bank transfers, and popular digital wallets, Mollie ensures a smoother checkout experience, leading to reduced cart abandonment rates and increased conversions. Moreover, Mollie's secure and reliable platform instils trust among customers, safeguarding their sensitive payment information and providing protection against fraudulent activities.

Insights for Informed Decisions

Mollie's real-time transaction monitoring and comprehensive reporting tools give merchants valuable insights into their sales performance and customer behaviour. Armed with this data-driven decision-making ability, merchants can optimise their strategies and drive growth effectively.

Cost-Effective and Transparent

Mollie's efficient pricing model, free of hidden costs or setup fees, makes it a cost-effective choice for merchants of all sizes. This transparency ensures that merchants have a clear understanding of their financial operations, further contributing to their business success.

A Glimpse into the Future of eCommerce

We look forward to utilising the power of Mollie on our client's sites!

With the recent partnership announcement of the Mollie and Hyvä Themes partnership, we are excited to see two innovative solutions collaborating to optimize eCommerce sites. This partnership promises to deliver cutting-edge solutions and enhance the overall eCommerce experience for our clients.

Embrace the power of Mollie's payment solutions, and unlock the potential of your eCommerce business today.

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Phoebe Dodd

Designer & Content Creator

Phoebe is a Designer and Content Creator who has worked in design since 2019 and has been with Develo since 2020. Phoebe’s favourite aspect of Content Creation is creating engaging graphics and videos that blend storytelling and marketing. Her biggest achievement from working at Develo is enforcing humanised content in a B2B business that engages with our target audience. Outside of work, she can be found competing in cross country and athletics, or walking her Romanian rescue dog, Lyla.

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