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Unlock Exclusive Black Friday Deals on Hyvä Magento Builds - Save Up to £5,000!

Limited Time Offer - Secure These Deals by 30th Nov

We're excited to announce our exclusive deals on our tailored Starter, Enhanced, and Enterprise packages.

Why Choose Hyvä for Your Magento Store?

Hyvä Theme for Magento revolutionises the way eCommerce sites are developed. Here are the key benefits:

  • Optimised Performance: Hyvä significantly improves site performance, leading to faster load times and a smoother user experience.
  • Reduced Complexity: With a simplified stack and less JavaScript, Hyvä makes your site lighter and easier to manage.
  • Better Developer Experience: Developers find it easier to work with Hyvä due to its streamlined and efficient coding environment.
  • Enhanced Customisation: Hyvä allows for greater flexibility and customisation, enabling a unique brand experience for your customers.
  • SEO Friendly: Improved site speed and performance mean better SEO rankings, driving more organic traffic to your store.

Learn more on Hyvä Themes here.

Now, let's dive into our Black Friday offers…

Starter Package - Perfect for Technical Teams and Individuals

Explore the Hyvä ecosystem with our Starter package. This is ideal for technical teams and individuals beginning their journey with Magento.

Original Price: £10,000

Black Friday Offer: £9,000

Your Saving: £1,000

Enhanced Package - Tailored for Up-and-Coming Brands

Our Enhanced Package is designed for brands aiming to establish a unique online identity. It includes custom landing pages, tailored menu designs, specific theme modifications, and key extensions.

Original Price: £30,000

Black Friday Offer: £25,000

Your Saving: £5,000

Enterprise Package - Customised Solutions for Your Business

The Enterprise Package is perfect for businesses with specific needs. It features multiple custom-made pages, bespoke designs, and complex integrations.

Original Price: £60,000

Black Friday Offer: £55,000

Your Saving: £5,000

All our packages include the Hyvä Theme licence worth €1000. To explore more features, check out our Hyvä Packages page.

Bonus: Special Hosting Offer with Cloudways

Choose our hosting partner, Cloudways and get 40% off 4 months across all hosting plans. Plus they’re giving away 40 free migrations to the first 40 sign ups!

Take advantage of these incredible savings. Enhance your online presence with a Hyvä Magento build or migration. Contact us today to discuss your project. 

Terms & Conditions

Offer valid from 16th - 30th November

Offer can only be secured with a deposit of £1,000, paid by 30th November

This only applies to packages outlined on the Hyvä Packages page

Unsure which Hyvä Package is best for you?


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