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E-Commerce Design Trends of 2017

E-commerce websites have seen an evolution in design and development. Each year, we see new innovations and creativity from designers for e-commerce websites, and for 2017, we have shifted into more advanced and intelligent design. Website designers constantly evaluate their designs to ensure that customers can benefit from the best shopping experience possible.

Here are our 5 design trends of 2017 for e-commerce websites:

Mobile-Friendly Designs

One of the major trends in e-commerce website designs for 2017, is the adoption of mobile responsive sites, and in particular, websites that are designed for mobiles devices. Previously, website designers had created websites for the desktop users which could then be adapted to mobile devices, but due to the increase in the percentage of online shoppers using mobile devices, business had to adapt and focus their website towards the mobile shoppers.

For the desktop online shoppers, this means that you can expect to see more mobile elements to be integrated into websites, such as card layouts, longer scrolling pages, and more micro-interactions. As these mobile features are designed for simplicity, readability, and usability, these e-commerce websites may be easier to use for desktop users.

Chatbots & Conversational Interfaces

Conversational user interfaces and chatbots have seen a great increase in usage in 2017. Chatbots offer great opportunities for increasing customer interaction on a website as they can provide a real simulation of a shopping experience which you may encounter in a retail store. By implementing conversational interfaces or chatbots onto your e-commerce website, you can benefit from a powerful tool that can help your customers effectively and increase your conversions, whilst reducing potential costs. You can find chatbots in various websites, not just e-commerce websites which is what makes them so versatile.

Chatbots are expected to become more important and we’ll be seeing an increase in implementation on various websites. The technology is still new and there are different opportunities to be explored for e-commerce websites.

Bold Colours

In the previous years, we have seen minimalism and simplicity taking precedent when it came to web design. This year however, there are more websites adopting more striking colours and bolder colours, which is refreshing and can make your e-commerce website stand out. Gradients are also making a comeback which means that we could expect more websites to incorporate a bolder colour palette. Web designers are experimenting with brighter and bolder colours not just for aesthetic purposes, but to also engage and connect with customers. Intelligent use of colours can help your business to convey messages as intended and make the shopping experience unique.

Longer Scrolling

As e-commerce websites are focusing on mobile friendliness and mobile users, we have seen web pages enabling longer scrolling. Longer scrolling can be very useful for e-commerce websites that feature a variety of products or services. For example, an e-commerce website that has 10 products on one page with long scrolling enabled, the user can keep scrolling down and more products will load. This can be very useful for shoppers on an e-commerce website that features a lot of products or services.

Left-Aligned Hamburger Menus

From bold and noticeable changes, to small and subtle, the hamburger menu has had a slight change in 2017. Previously, the hamburger menu is placed on the right side of websites, but recently it has been moved to the left side. The main reasoning for this is to draw more attention to the menu and to make it one of the first things that users see when they land on a page. Various leading and popular websites have followed this design trend and it appears to have had a positive impact on usability.

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