Magento Barcode Reader

Adding barcodes to invoices for quick shipping

Magento 2 Invoice Module 

Our new Magento Barcode scanning module adds a barcode to the order invoices in Magento. Here's an example from our client, Made with Love and Sparkle.


These can be used on the Barcode scanning app page in the admin. 

There are 2 modes

Magento Admin

Order Update

This sends a configured transactional email update to the customer, this is useful when there's a delay between the order placed and when it's shipped. 

Order Shipment

This creates a shipment for the Magento order, this shipment can then also contain the tracking number for the order and email the customer to let them know their order has been shipped. We also have the option to print the shipping label directly to a physical printer using the Print Node service. 

Once the invoice is scanned the order is fetched and updated for the relevant mode. The admin user can then see progress as the order is shipped and a label is immediately printed. 

Magento Admin

If you'd like to integrate the barcode scanner on your Magento store

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