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5 Tips To Obtain More Email Subscribers

Email marketing is a very effective way of reaching people that have already engaged with your brand also try to increase Email Subscribers at every opportunity.

However, before you can send out your targeted messages, you first need to build a list of subscribers; which isn’t always easy.

We’ve outlined a couple of ways that could help you to increase the amount of subscribers on your mailing list.

Improve Your Call To Action for more Email Subscribers

A simple “sign-up here” button is weak and will not compel your visitors to join your Email Subscribers mailing lists.

Put a little thought into your call to action – make your buttons interactive by adding colour to your rollovers, or by adding animation when your customer submits the form. A visually appealing call to action will incentivise a customer to subscribe.

Another handy tip is to add one or two lines of text that explain just exactly why your customer should be joining your mailing list — will they be getting exclusive discounts? Will they be gaining access to your sales first? Will they be receiving fun little tidbits of information? Let them know what they will be receiving!

Think About The Sign-Up Process

It’s important to make the sign-up process as quick and easy as possible, by asking for the minimal amount of information required to join your mailing list – name, e-mail and date of birth if applicable.

Other information such as their address and telephone number can be collected at a later date, so don’t feel as if you have to bombard your customer with questions just to ultimately receive their e-mail address!

Don’t Let Your Customers Get Away

Make sure that your subscribe form is always visible on screen so that it is easy for your customer to give you their details – if they have to search to join your newsletter, they’re probably going to give-up at the final hurdle. Having an e-mail sign-up bar constantly present is proven to work, as found out by Groove who doubled the number of sign-ups by implicating this method.

A pop-up reminder isn’t a bad idea, either (though ensure your customer can click away easily if requested, and that you only have the pop-up on one).

Email Content

You may think you’re already there when you have collected your customer’s e-mail address, but there’s still a little way to go.

Producing quality content for your e-mail blasts and newsletters is essential knowing that your customers have the option to unsubscribe at any point.

Make your content relatable and shareable (making sure your “share to a friend” button is easily found) and ensure you are sending the right balance of e-mails out.

Offering Your Customers Incentives

Create a special offer for customers who choose to sign-up to your mailing list; you could offer a percentage off their next purchase with you, offer a free gift with their next purchase, or send out a free information pack/white paper to every customer that submits their information to you.

Most of these changes are small little tweaks that you can easily implement to your landing pages and most are free of charge. Making these small changes is a sure-fire way to gain your store more subscribers to your mailing list.


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