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Benefits of Magento for E-Commerce

Magento is an open-source E-Commerce platform that has become one of the most popular
content management systems for E-Commerce websites. With great versatility for
customisation and integration, Magento offers the ability to make your website convenient,
flexible and functional for both your customers and the business.
This platform can provide all of the solutions you need for any type of online store, whether
you’re a small business or a large enterprise.
Here are a few benefits of using Magento for your website:

Flexible Customisation

Magento is a purpose-built platform that is designed for the needs of online retailing. Every
business is unique in its own way and Magento offers the ability to customise your website
the way you want. This platform comes with an abundance of features which provide a
great foundation for delivering excellent user experience and customer satisfaction.

Magento provides a full suite of tools and features for you to manage and customise,

  • Product Pricing
  • Product Categories
  • Product Discounts
  • Special Deals / Coupons
  • Shipping Costs
  • Stock Management

Responsive & SEO Friendly

Magento is a highly adaptive platform which keeps up with mobile web design trends and
standards, whilst providing comprehensive SEO solutions. The Magento platform is mobile-
friendly and responsive which means that the website can adapt to the customer’s mobile
device. This delivers a better experience for customers using smaller devices such as mobile
phones and tablets. Not only does having a mobile responsive site benefit the customer, but
it also benefits your website in terms of SEO. Magento is known to be up-to- date with the
latest SEO ranking factors and provides powerful tools for tracking and optimising your

Numerous Payment Gateways

A payment gateway helps customers to process sensitive data between the customer and
the merchant. Magento is a mature platform for E-Commerce websites and it provides
support for various types of payment gateways, offering great choice for transacting on a
website. The Magento platform allows websites to easily integrate major payment gateways
and various payment methods.

With so many choices for payment gateways, it can be difficult to choose which solutions to
implement. There are four main parts to consider when you decide on a payment gateway:

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Capabilities
  • Pricing

It’s very common for websites to support multiple payment gateways to give your
customers a choice.

Highly Scalable Platform

Starting your E-Commerce business has never been easier. Magento offers various editions
for different types of business, whether you are a start-up or an enterprise. Both of the
Magento platforms are open-source and they have the same core features.

There are two editions of Magento:

  • Community Edition – The Magento Community edition is a free, open-source
    platform which anyone can download and use.
  • Enterprise Edition – Magento Enterprise edition is designed for large businesses that
    need bigger online stores.

Depending on your business, Magento can cater to all types and sizes.

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