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As certified Magento Developers, we’ve been using Magento – an eCommerce platform that uses open-source technology – for years at Develo. It is designed to be completely scalable and integrate seamlessly with third party systems.

Being one of the most flexible solutions available, the Magento platform can be completely tailored to meet an individuals design and functionality needs.

Magento development

Want to customise the look and feel of your eCommerce store, change the behaviour of your site or integrate with third party systems such as Amazon and eBay? Building on the Magento platform, we use clean, compliant code (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP etc) to build fully customised websites that look modern and innovative. We incorporate modern enhancive features and extensions such as custom product design tools, geolocation and embedded media while following web best principles such as progressive enhancement and ensuring your site is fully responsive.

Magento design

Our creative design team infuse industry best practice with bespoke, innovative designs to delivery a unique looking website. We design and develop innovative custom Magento themes that work on whatever device your customers are using, reflect your business brand and provide an exceptional user experience. Our portfolio showcases some of the custom themes we have built for our clients.

Magento custom extensions and integration

Magento’s flexibility is centred around custom extensions that integrate new features to your store without the need of coding knowledge. However, some of the more complicated functionality such as integration with CRM’s may not be available as an extension. If an extension isn’t available, we can build one for you. We have built a variety of custom Magento extensions to cater for all requirements. Check out our Magento custom extensions library for some examples.

Magento upgrades

Upgrading to the latest Magento version offers increased performance and usability, unfortunately there is a downside; the upgrade process can be difficult. Develo Design can do for the upgrade for you. We trial the upgrade process using dummy deployments from cloned data so that everything goes smoothly during the actual upgrade. We also run checks to ensure that extensions and themes are compatible with your new version of Magento.

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