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I’m officially a Magento Wizard

I’m officially a Magento Wizard

It’s long been said that what I do with code is magical;) To back this up I was picked out and won a Magento “Mage Wizard” Hoodie at the recent Meet Magento Conference at the QE2 Conference Centre in London.

The event saw more then 300 people attend a great day of talks and networking. Speakers including leading industry figures, multi-national companies and Magento partners of all kinds gave an insight into how Magento helps their business grow.


Downgrading Magento Enterprise to Community Edition

In the real world merchants get sold into Magento Enterprise for projects where it’s not necessarily needed. First let me make clear Magento Enterprise is a great product, it can provide a fast loading, PCI-Compliant, fully featured eCommerce solution out of the box. But unless you are going to make use of the Enterprise features and get additional value from these, the license fee can seem like an unnecessarily fixed yearly cost.

If you have decided that the additional cost of the Enterprise License isn’t needed for your Magento site, then how do you migrate away? There are a number of factors to consider and a number of different approaches you could take, I’m going to outline two methods and explore how each could help you achieve this task.


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