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Magento Vs. Shopify – Which E-Commerce Platform is for Me?

Choosing the right platform for your online store is one of the most important steps as it
sets the foundation for your business. There is a variety of E-Commerce platforms for online
stores, with Magento and Shopify. While Shopify is a popular content management, the
release of Magento 2 may be even more popular than Shopify.

Magento is an extremely popular content management system for online stores. With so
many options for customisation and integration, Magento websites are known to be
versatile online shopping websites due to the capabilities of the platform. Shopify is a
reliable platform that allows you to build complex systems for selling online goods. This
platform adopted a range of innovative features early on, such as integration with Amazon.

With so many E-Commerce platforms, it can be hard to choose which content management
system to use. In this article, we will compare the differences between Magento and

Magento & Shopify Comparison

Features Magento Shopify
Store Functionality The store functionality is simple to use and manage, yet versatile. Shopify has powerful store
functionalities that may be
easier to setup and use than
Inventory Management Magento Community Edition
(FREE) allows merchants to add
an unlimited number of store
Shopify Starter Plan ($14/mo)
restricts merchants to a
maximum of 25 store items.
Shipping Charge Calculation Magento has a flexible yet
powerful tool for shipping
charge calculation.
Shopify also has a flexible yet
powerful tool for shipping
charge calculation.
Coupons & Discounts Coupon codes and discount
codes are fully accessible on all
editions of Magento.
Shopify Starter Plan does not
allow the use of coupon codes
or discount codes.
Payment Gateways Magento provides support for
50 payment gateways.
Shopify provides support for 70
payment gateways.
Themes & Templates Magento has a huge collection
of both free and premium
templates available.
Shopify has a significantly
smaller collection of themes
and templates.
Extensions / Add-ons The Magento Extension store is
home to over 5000 add-ons for
increasing functionality on
Shopify has over 100 add-ons
for expanding the functionality
of your website.
Multi-lingual Support Magento has a variety of built-
in multi-lingual support.
Shopify does not offer full built-
in multi-lingual support.

Main Benefits of Magento

Magento is a leading E-Commerce platform with their extensions marketplace being one of
its most prominent features. With extensions, you can customise your Magento website the
way you want. Supporting over 5000 community-driven extensions, Magento’s extension
marketplace has a great advantage over other platforms. Many of the extensions on the
marketplace can be used free of charge, whilst the paid extensions are also not highly-
priced. When compared to Shopify, Magento has the clear lead with extensions as they
have a larger marketplace.

Many merchants are have realised the benefits of extensions and have integrated
extensions into their Magento websites to offer more features and functionality. These
Magento extensions help enhance the overall performance of the website which can also
make the online store more user-friendly. The user experience is a vital aspect for an online
store and with Magento, you can make the shopping experience easy to understand and use
for customers.

Main Benefits of Shopify

Shopify provides powerful advantages for start-ups and large businesses for relatively low
prices. When compared to other E-Commerce platforms, Shopify offers the greatest value
for money as their starter package provides an array of features. Although Magento can be
more affordable, Shopify provides an extensive range of features for that price. For a
relatively low cost, Shopify’s starter package provides everything you might need for a
powerful E-Commerce website.

Shopify has a variety of marketing tools and SEO features to help your website get found
online. This platform is built for marketing and it can be beneficial for start-up businesses
that are looking to keep costs low whilst gaining a presence on the web. The basic SEO
package includes a range of SEO features and E-Commerce analytics to help you analyse
how your customers are finding and using your website, essentially empowering your
decision making.

Overall, both content management systems have their own advantages which may benefit
some businesses more than others. If you’re looking for a CMS that offers great
functionality, usability and customisability, then Magento can be beneficial.

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