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Integrating Etsy into your Magento Store

Manage your marketplace platforms like Etsy, Amazon, eBay and Tiktok shop with your Magento store

When you have built a successful following on marketplace platforms such as Etsy, TikTok shop, eBay and Amazon and utilised the power of social commerce to create an income, there can be a struggle to keep track of the multiple streams of orders.

Alongside this, there can be a deliberation on whether to set up a website and move away from marketplace platforms to allow you to scale up your business.

Instead of choosing between these, you can integrate your marketplace with your Magento eCommerce store.

How can integrating benefit your business?

The API integration of CedCommerce allows you to synchronise and control your marketplace store with your Magento - or chosen storefront infrastructure. 

This can simplify your process, as you can keep track of orders from all marketplace platforms within your Magento admin, without the risk of missed orders. 

These are some of the multi-channel platforms you can integrate with:

How this integration can help your business?

By seamlessly linking your platforms, it allows any orders submitted on your marketplace to be imported to your Magento interface within admin. This can then be converted and shipped as a regular Magento order.


An example of setting up the integration of Etsy and Magento in Magento Admin

Benefits of integrating Marketplaces:

  • Product Operations controlled within Magento
  • Control inventory on your marketplaces from your Magento Admin
  • Receive notifications when you have orders from your marketplace
  • New Orders are automatically created in Magento Admin
  • Shipment can be automated with third-party apps.


This is the Etsy product listings displayed in Magento admin.

Order List

This image shows the order listing page from Etsy in Magento, giving you easy access to control orders and products. 

Without sacrificing your built-up audience on other platforms, you can control your orders from one place with your Magento Admin.

We're an experienced web development agency who want to help streamline Magento eCommerce stores and support their growth. We did just this for our client's Made with Love and Sparkle, we integrated their Etsy store into their Magento 2 eCommerce site, which helped them keep track of their customers orders from all platforms, easing the control of their business and maintaining their presence on popular marketplaces. 

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