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Making modules compatible with Hyvä Themes

As Hyvä Themes has transformed Magento frontend and continues to increase in popularity, we have taken a look at the compatibility of modules and the dedicated community of developers offering integrative modules to the community

What are Hyvä Themes?

Hyvä themes is a powerful performant frontend theme for Magento web development that has a supportive community of developers. It's an innovative software with a reduced tech stack, making development less complex, and reducing development time and cost compared to the default Magento Luma Theme. If you’d like to learn about Hyvä, check out our blog - What is Hyvä?

How Compatible is Hyvä with Magento modules? 

Hyvä is currently compatible with all Adobe Commerce Open Source features, but it is not yet compatible with all Magento modules out the box. However, you can make the Magento modules compatible with Hyvä with some development to ensure the frontend functionality works as expected. - Each module will require varying amounts of development to become compatible. 

As mentioned previously Hyvä is known for its reduced complexity compared to Luma theme, and its lower developmental costs. With the continued support from the community, modules are being developed and available for free, making integrating the modules easier and quicker.

The growing community

Due to the committed nature and advocacy of the Hyvä community, developers have been creating compatibility modules that are free to use. There is a list of Hyvä modules that are in progress of development by the community or are already available, helping to optimise the frontend theme. All that is required is to install the compatibility module alongside the standard module and you will instantly have the functionality of the original modules working on your store, with all the added frontend performance and UX benefits that Hyva brings.

The Hyvä module tracker allows the community to see the status of, and request any new modules for compatibility. We love the feature allowing Hyvä license holders the ability to vote for modules that they want to see developed.

In some instances, some of the modules which have been developed may not replicate all the functionality of the original solution. The creator may have made it compatible to the extent of what they required, however, because these are open source, any developers can add features and continue the development of these to improve the ever-growing community.

Each developed module is published in the “hyva-themes” composer namespace with a release number, allowing for installation through the Hyvä packagist repository.

Develo’s Modules

As Hyvä solution specialists we are part of the community of web developers creating and contributing to compatibility modules for our Hyvä builds.

Hyvä Stripe Integration Module

We have developed a Hyvä and Stripe payment method integration, easing payment processes for merchants and optimising their checkout options with instant pay. We created this for our client, Made with Love and Sparkle to reduce drop-offs throughout the customer buying journey and help conversions.

An iPad displaying Made with Love and Sparkles Hyvä M2 site. With the integration of Stripe compat module developed by Develo

View the module on Gitlab

Hyvä Mirasvit Banner Integration Module

Our team of Magento web developers have also created a compatibility module for Magento 2 Mirasvit Banner. This is a rotator and pop-up banner that a member of the Hyvä community required. It offers the ability to analyse data for clients to make appropriate decisions.

Example of Mirasvit Magento 2 Promo Banners module

See our walk-through on how we developed this.

Hyvä FactFinder Integration Module

Factfinder is an AI-driven search system giving customers search and filter options on category pages. We developed this integration for FactFinder for our client; 'Lubricant Supplies', creating more refined search results for their customers. 

Producing this compat module makes FactFinder accessible to Hyvä theme users, optimising category pages for merchants. 

Lubricant Supplies

View Module 

Hyvä’s community is ever-growing and with the support from developers, compat modules are continuously being delivered, increasing its compatibility and helping to make it increasingly popular as an alternative to the default Magento frontend.

If you're looking for support for your Hyvä theme store or in need of a Magento web development agency take a look at our work and get in touch! Or why not request a Magento audit to see if Hyvä is the right fit?

Check out our blog on ‘How much does a Hyvä site cost?’ or book a consultation with one of our Hyvä solutions specialists


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