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Shopify Instant Quote App for EO Distribution

Integrating custom and bespoke Shopify features to EO Distribution eCommerce store, to ease buying and selling second hand phones

Who is EO Distribution?

EO Distribution is a Shopify eCommerce site that allows customers to buy and sell second hand mobile phones in various conditions at great prices.

Project requirements

EO Distribution approached Develo to develop a bespoke custom Shopify instant quote App. They wanted to create a seamless experience for their customers, allowing them to get an instant price and order a return box for their phone, this included a number of features.

Shopify App Features

  • Instant quote questionnaire
  • Sell your device feature
  • Product page condition tab module
  • Different pay-out methods
  • Full integration with Shopify checkout
  • Intuitive UX

Instant quote questionnaire

We created a Shopify app module that simplified the process for EO customers to receive a quote for their mobiles. The process allowed customers to select the manufacturer and model of their phone, its memory, network, and its condition. 

By setting different grades of phones with a guide of what faults can, and can't be included in a given grade of phone, we were able to create an instant valuation for the clients customers. With two clicks they know how much they can get for their mobile.

Sell your device moduleA Gif of EO Distributions 'Sell you phone' process, with grading outline and payment process

Following the instant quote, it allows you to progress to sell your device. We integrated a number of features to simplify the process of navigation, introducing informative pop-ups such as the 'How to find IMEI' and 'Whats this?' for grade clarification, the ability to review your information at checkout, and the option to select your payout methods, helping to reduce abandoned sales.

Product page condition tab module

The client wanted to ease navigation and clarity on the site, we ensured the condition was prominent and transparent to the customer. We integrated a modal with tabs on product pages that allowed customers to view and clarify the condition of a device before purchasing. 

Handling Payout Methods

To make it easy for customers, the client wanted to allow customers to choose the payout method they desired. Adapting the required fields for different methods to create ease for EO Distribution.

Shopify Checkout Integration

All information provided by the customer is visible at the checkout, making it clear for the customers to review what they are sharing and committing to. This also simplified the process for EO Distribution to go ahead with payouts - as soon as they receive the phone. The standard Shopify cart process allows users to order a return box easing the process of sending their phone.

UI and UX

We extended their existing theme to make the new features fit into the general look and feel of the site. Adding some custom styles of buttons and links to create cohesion.

The integration of the easy-to-navigate 'sell your device' modules and Grade tabs made the site user-friendly with intuitive UX.

To wrap up

We integrated the new features into EO Distribution Shopify site to help ease navigation for their customers, reducing the process of instant quote to just a few clicks. We provided alternative pay-out methods to help avoid abandoned processes, along with a range of preferred payment styles.

Overall, the features we implemented, created a simplified user experience, providing clarity and transparency to the customer before selling or purchasing.

Don't just take our word for it check out EO Distribution's site and Sell your phone page.

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