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Unlocking e-commerce potential with Algolia: a case study

A selection of case studies from Develo's Algolia + Magento eCommerce implemenations

In an ever-increasing competitive eCommerce industry, the customer experience is paramount. 

Rapid and relevant search capabilities for your visitors can help drive up sales for your eCommerce business. Recognising this, our web development agency Develo has chose to partner with Algolia for amazing search on our customer's Magento/Adobe Commerce stores.

Algolia Logo

I'll admit Algolia isn't the cheapest service around, but they are one of the best in the game, it's an extremely performant AI-powered search and discovery platform. 

Using machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver instant, highly relevant results for merchants' visitor's searches. 

Our partnership with Algolia has enabled us to provide our customers with top-tier eCommerce solutions, positioning them at the forefront of their industries, and driving conversions.

Case study: Leon Paul – A Leading Name in Fencing 

Instant Search and Filtering with Algolia

Leon Paul, a globally recognised brand in fencing, approached us to enhance their eCommerce capabilities. After analysis and strategic planning, we integrated Algolia into their website's search and category pages, including the following features.

Supercharged Search

With Algolia's AI-driven search engine, Leon Paul's customers can now find products, categories, and CMS page results with unprecedented speed and accuracy. 

Algolia's AI is powerful, it can understand user intent, ensuring that the results are not only instant but also contextually relevant.

Dynamic Category Filtering

Algolia Filtering

In addition to search, we've leveraged Algolia's Instant search filtering capabilities on Leon Paul's category pages. Customers can now apply filters and receive immediate results. 

This makes product discovery seamless and enjoyable. Dynamic re-ranking and fast filtering have transformed the way Leon Paul's customers navigate their site. 

Case study: BrandAlley – Designer Brands at Discounted Prices 

Brandalley Algolia

BrandAlley, is the UK's leading members-only designer discount store. They turned to us for an upgrade on their website's search functionality. 

We harnessed Algolia's AI capabilities to deliver an improved autocomplete feature with trending searches. 

Dynamic Re-Ranking for Popular Products

Algolia's dynamic re-ranking was used to promote popular products for keywords that users are searching for. This strategy has resulted in a significant increase in conversion rates, demonstrating the power of Algolia's AI in understanding and meeting customer needs.

Boosting Discoverability with Query Suggestions

Beyond simply aiding search, Query Suggestions serve to boost the discoverability of products and content on the website. By suggesting popular and relevant search queries, Algolia enables businesses to strategically surface and promote a broader array of their offerings. This improves the chance of users discovering and purchasing more products, thereby increasing average order values and boosting sales.

Personalised Suggestions for Individual Users

Algolia's Query Suggestions can be personalised for each user based on their previous search and browsing history. Tailoring the results towards the user's unique preferences and shopping habits can lead to a more personalised shopping experience, helping to further enhance the user's experience and drive sales.

Case study: Weatherbeeta – Premium Equestrian Products 


Our partnership with Algolia extends to another esteemed client, Weatherbeeta. Weatherbeeta is a prominent name in the equestrian industry. Algolia's advanced features have allowed us to implement innovative solutions for Weatherbeeta.

Cross-selling and Upselling with Algolia

At Weatherbeeta, Algolia's capabilities have been used to implement recommended products as cross-sells and upsells throughout the site. Algolia understands user behaviour and preferences, leading to a more personalised shopping experience and increased sales.

Product Labels with AheadWorks Labels extension support

We wrote a custom module to allow support for the AheadWorks Custom Labels extension, so that the product labels are visible on the Algolia powered product results throughout the site. This gives WeatherBeeta a method of quickly displaying key differentiating attributes of their products like New flag or Extended Warranties .

Algolia with AheadWorks Labels

Search Banners for Promotions

Weatherbeeta also benefits from Algolia's search banners. These provide a platform for the effective promotion of products and deals. The banners have increased visibility for featured products, contributing to a boost in revenue.

They also make Coats for Goats!

WeatherBeeta Algolia search

Insights and Analytics

Algolia delivers superior search and discovery experiences. It also provides comprehensive insights and analytics. These help our clients understand their customers better. Actionable data points enable businesses like Leon Paul, Weatherbeeta, and BrandAlley to continually refine their strategies and optimise their eCommerce performance.


Our partnership with Algolia has empowered us to provide game-changing solutions to our clients in the eCommerce sector. The power of AI, has assured relevance and accuracy, the delight of instant results, and the strategic advantage of insights and analytics – all these make Algolia an unparalleled tool in the eCommerce arena. We look forward to leveraging Algolia's capabilities to help our clients achieve their digital ambitions.

Contact us and see how we can transform your eCommerce search and merchandising with Algolia.



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