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Top 3 Review Extensions for Magento

As a Magento agency, we know that collecting product or service reviews is an essential part of e-commerce, as it builds trust with new and existing customers. Reviews not only benefit the products or service that you are selling, but it can also provide great value to customers and boost your visibility on the internet. Many retailers already encourage customers to leave them reviews, but some may not have the right systems in place to make this easier for customers.

With Magento, you can benefit from the long list of custom extensions that the platform has to offer. Magento extensions provide extra functionality and the ability to add custom features to your Magento e-commerce website. In this case, adding review extensions to streamline your product reviews.

There are various Magento review extensions, so it can be quite difficult to decide on which one you should use. We have come up with a short list of our three top picks for Magento review extensions. Namely, Trustpilot, Yotpo, and Mage Workshop.


Trustpilot is an established business reviews platform and has become one of the most popular ways for customers to leave reviews for online businesses. The Trustpilot connector review extension allows your Magento website to seamlessly integrate with your Trustpilot account for free and provides a range of features such as giving you the ability to quickly and simply create and manage product reviews.

On average, 70% of buyers look for product or service reviews before purchasing, which means that if your website doesn’t have reviews, then you could be missing out on a large percentage of potential customers.

Advantages of Trustpilot:

  • Gain Trust – You are able to showcase product reviews on your website which lets customers see what others think of your products.
  • Utilise Rich Snippets – Provide customers with additional information about your products in search engine results. These rich snippets enable star ratings on search engines when customers are searching for a relevant product or service.
  • Review Manager – Take advantage of the review manager where you can easily view, edit, or manage all of your Trustpilot reviews in your Magento back-end.


Yotpo provides a fantastic solution for generating reviews, questions, photos, and more user-generated content on your website. Ultimately, Yotpo can help drive traffic to your website and potentially increase conversion rates and boost your sales.

Essentially, Yotpo is a Magento extension that allows customers to engage with your business in numerous ways. Customers can write reviews about your product or service, ask questions, and even upload their own photos. As customers often trust their peers and word of mouth more than any other type of advertising, your business could benefit from using Yotpo as it could drive more traffic from social networks to your website.

Advantages of Yotpo:

  • Generates More Reviews – Yotpo has a signature in-email form which lets customers write reviews in the review request emails. Typically, Magento websites that use Yotpo are likely to generate nine times more product reviews than with other solutions.
  • Optimised for Mobile – Yotpo was made with usability of mobile devices in mind. This means that customers can leave reviews from straight from their mobile devices.
  • Simple to Install – Yotpo is relatively simple to install and only takes 5 minutes.

Mage Workshop

Mage Workshop is one of the more versatile Magento review extensions as it enhances the review system for online store owners and customers. With this extension, you can collect more useful information to help increase conversion rates on your website.

Mage Workshop provides a wide range of features, including additional customisable fields to make your reviews more sophisticated. These additional fields can be added to the default feedback form and these features can include detailed star ratings, adjustable pros and cons, an excellent sorting and filtering tool, and many more features.

Advantages of Mage Workshop:

Localisation – Mage Workshop has a localisation feature which is available in 5 different languages. English, Dutch, German, Russian, and Hebrew.

Social Media Integration – You can integrate social media networks with this review system. This tool enables you to share links on Twitter and comment reviews on Facebook.

Ability to Reduce Spam – You can effectively reduce spam reviews or reviews that have been submitted by bots as there is a CAPTCHA verification step in place.

Why are Product Reviews Important?

Many customers have a pre-purchase process where they research about the products or services that they are going to buy. This means that having reviews to showcase your product or service is going to be essential for catching the attention of potential customers.

Here are a few reasons why product reviews are important:

  • Builds Trust – Your online customers want to know what your products can do for them before they commit to buying. Reviews help customers see what other people think of your products and if your products are high quality. Not only can this build trust for your brand, but it can also help drive new sales and reduce the product return rates.
  • Attract Customers – As product reviews are essentially part of the customer’s buying process, website that do not offer reviews are less likely to gain business. With product reviews, you can catch the attention of potential buyers and therefore your conversions are likely to increase.
  • Gather Feedback – Having a medium where customers can leave feedback about your products is a fantastic way of learning what your customers think about your products and service. If there are negative reviews, it’s important to address those concerns to improve the product or service.

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