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We’re an experienced team of Magento developers, designers & marketers based in Birmingham. Find out how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

Magento eCommerce

We have a simple philosophy at Develo Design; build websites that are simple-to-use, fresh, innovative and inline with the businesses brand and objectives.

Website Design & Development

Not only do we specialise in eCommerce, we have the skill and experience to develop and design any type of website or application.

Strategy, User Experience & Design

A mixture of extensive researching, fresh ideas and collaborative working will provide the framework for your user experience and design projects; allowing your initial brief to evolve into a resounding success story.

Digital Marketing

Our SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing division focus on what your audience wants to increase search visibility, traffic volumes, customer engagement and conversions.

Latest Work

POWERbreathe POWERbreathe
POWERbreathe are the worlds leading expert in Breathing Training devices. They approached us to help rebrand and launch a website that reflected their unique innovative product the POWERbreathe® device.
Must Have Gifts Must Have Gifts
Must Have Gifts is a branch of World Vision. They sell charity gifts so that the money can go towards helping children across the world be free from poverty and hunger.
Westley Engineering Westley Engineering
Our existing relationship with the Westley Richards brand saw them returning to us to design and build a company website for their Westley Engineering arm, with a focus on highlighting their quality work.
Teague Teague
Teague Precision Chokes is a well-respected company that engineers interchangeable aftermarket chokes for various types of guns.
Amphora Amphora
Amphora Wines and Accessories - a new business offering fine wines and accessories from around the world - got in touch to request our help in launching a new brand and website.

Our Clients



Doodletogs - testimonial

Having used Develo Design for over 5 years now they have always delivered on time and exceeded our expectations. Whether it be web development or SEO services your looking for we highly recommend!

Charlie Rodman, Doodletogs

Must Have Gifts - testimonial

I’ve really enjoyed working with the team at Develo. They are quick to respond when website issues arise, which is really important so that we don’t lose revenue. I also really appreciate their honesty and practicality. They won’t tell you something needs to be done if it doesn’t. They are also very proactive, thinking beyond their remit to make bigger picture suggestions that can help to improve an entire campaign.

Rachel Down, Must Have Gifts



    The ROI of User Experience (Infographic)

    The ROI of User Experience (Infographic)

    As an advocate of user experience (UX) I don’t believe that anyone should ever have to justify the business case for UX; unfortunately that is an idealistic viewpoint. With UX falling under the marketing umbrella, it’s understandable that businesses want to know what their investment is getting, as a tangible benefit. This is even more true […]


    3 Awesome Viral Marketing Examples (Is It Easy To Do?)

    3 Awesome Viral Marketing Examples (Is It Easy To Do?)

    Viral marketing is advertising in it’s purest form.

    It doesn’t rely on endorsements from celebrities or huge funding, it is an electronic word of mouth, of someone saying to another, ‘Hey, check this out I’ve seen.’

    A successful viral marketing campaign can be a massive boost to a brand.

    Getting a message that resonates across a range of demographics can open up a business to markets with little investment.

    We’ve taken a look at 3 of the most successful viral campaigns in the last five years.


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