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E-Commerce websites allows your business to utilise more channels and expand the outreach to
new and existing customers. With so many businesses relying on E-Commerce websites, it’s
important to have regular maintenance in order to prevent operational issues, such as downtime.
These operational issues can have a major impact on your business and it may result in loss of

Our dedicated Magento support team are flexible, responsive and proactive. We can help manage
and maintain your Magento E-Commerce website to ensure maximum uptime and minimize
disruptions. Let us provide the support that your Magento website needs.

Why Choose Us for Magento Support?

With years of experience and expertise, Develo Design is one of the leading Magento website design companies in Birmingham. Our certified support team take the time to understand your business needs in order to deliver a bespoke Magento support service. Whether you require performance optimisation, security fixes or Magento extensions, our responsive support team can provide timely resolutions and comprehensive maintenance.

What makes Develo Design stand out?

  • We have years of industry experience.
  • You can work directly with our technical team.
  • We are fully certified and qualified Magento developers.
  • We have a wide variety of Magento development case studies.

Magento Support Packages

Performance Optimisations

E-Commerce websites often use large databases for products which can lead to slower site speeds if
not optimised. When compared to other types of E-Commerce platforms, Magento may be slower
than other platforms due to the number of products and requests for products it can process.
Although Magento can be slower than other types of CMS’, it is still one of the most popular content
management systems due to the large community base and the versatility of open-source
extensions. The optimisation of Magento websites will identify and resolve any issues which may be
hindering the website’s performance and speed.

Develo Design are a UK Fast partner which means that we can also optimise your website hosting.
It’s important to get the right foundations for your website and having a dedicated server for your
website can dramatically improve your site speeds.

Below is a comparison of the most popular content management systems for E-Commerce. As
Magento processes fewer requests per second, it’s vital that your Magento website is optimised to
remain competitive, functional and fast.

Frontend & Backend Bug Fixes

Magento website bugs can negatively affect the user’s experience on your website. It’s important to test your website and resolve any issues that may be causing conflict. Our dedicated support team can provide timely resolutions to bugs and issues to ensure optimal performance.

Our team can resolve a variety of issues and bugs, including:

  • Installation Issues
  • Extension Issues
  • Platform Migration Issues
  • Upgrade Issues
  • Frontend Issues
  • Backend Issues
  • Database Issues

What is Frontend Development?

Frontend development requires creativity and innovation as it involves the aesthetics of a website.
This means the development of website themes, responsive designs and style sheets. Frontend developers also have the role of creating scripts to combine interaction and user experience.

What is Backend Development?

Backend development is responsible for the functionality, calculations, database interactions and
performance of a website. The majority of the code needed for the website to function can be found
in the backend.

Extension Installation & Removal

Magento is known to have one of the largest databases for open-source extensions. Supported by a
large community, Magento extensions provide a flexible, versatile and easy way to add functionality
to your website. These extensions provide new abilities and new ways for users to interact with your
website, without the need of development.

If you are new to Magento and require support with the installation or removal of Magento
extensions, our support team can help you save time and effort. We pride ourselves on providing
excellent support, whether it’s installing a new extension, removing an extension or even updating
an existing extension.

Extension Customisations

The Magento extension marketplace has a variety of versatile plugins that offer unique functionalities. In a competitive market, it’s vital to provide the best functionality to separate yourself from your competitors and you can do so with a bespoke extension. If you require a bespoke extension to add or enhance the functionality of a feature, then our Magento developers can help you.

With years of experience, Develo Design have created various custom Magento extensions for all
types of business sectors and clients. These custom extensions allow a website to improve efficiency
and functionality for the user and the business. Not only can we develop custom magento
extensions, but we also provide support and maintenance to ensure optimal functionality.

Why Choose Us for Custom Magento Extensions?

Here are a few reasons for choosing Develo Design for your next custom Magento extension:

  • Our passionate team of developers take the time to understand your business and your
  • We use best practices when developing your extension.
  • You can work directly with our Magento developers.
  • We fully test your extension for functionality and compatibility.

Backend Development

The backend of a website is responsible for the functionality which may include, databases,
calculations, logic and performance. Almost all of the code that the website runs on will be
developed in the backend. If your website is experiencing crashing, slow site speeds or even error
pages, then it is likely to be a backend problem. Our experienced Magento backend developers can
help resolve a variety of backend issues that your website may be experiencing.

Our team can support you with various issues, including but not limited to:

  • Optimising coding
  • Optimising databases
  • Managing the growth of data
  • Managing traffic spikes
  • Customising configurations

Security Reviews & Patches

Security is one of the most important parts to a website, especially for E-Commerce websites. All E-
Commerce websites can be vulnerable to security breaches as users are required to input personal
and payment information into the website. A compromised website can have consequences for both
the user and the business. The customer may be at risk of financial loss and the business may also
have a damaged reputation.

We understand that security is a major element to an E-Commerce website, which is why we follow
the best practices for ensuring safety on your website. Our support team can carry out
comprehensive security reviews and deliver patches to enhance your website’s security.

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