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Magento Support

Contact us if you’re looking for a company to help with Magento support services. Based on our years of experience we’re able to save you time by ensuring we deliver a first class support experience.

We have Magento certified developers and we’re able to deliver; high quality support, pro-actively resolving issues and helpful experienced developers.

  • Magento 1 & 2 support
  • Technical requirements and planning
  • Backend development for integrations and customisations
  • Module installation and updates
  • Security and Patches
  • Frontend development for theming and scripts
  • Responsive web development
  • Mobile apps
  • Translations, Locales, Currencies issues
  • Multi-site setup

Magento Support Tickets

We provide Magento support services via Fresh Desk. This ensures all communication is kept focused and everyone knows the status of a ticket.

Telephone support

We can also be provide telephone support if urgency requires it or if it’s agreed it’ll be quicker to resolve an issue after discussion in a support ticket.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

An SLA on response times can be provided based on urgency. The costs of retainer support reduces inline with the number of hours booked each month.

Magento Development Projects

Rather then small support tasks we can also provide larger project development.

An Agile Project workflow

We break down tasks to the smallest components required, these are scheduled into the Agile project management system Jira as an agile project.

As a results of this this we can carefully develop each component and internally test for both functionality and Quality assurance (QA) before asking you to review, saving you time.

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