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Easho - Magento 2 Web Development Case Study

£2M revenues with this B2C bulk-buying commerce start-up

  • £0-2M revenue in first year
  • Custom subscription service
  • Bespoke box-builder functionality
  • Super fast Algolia search
  • Stripe payment subscription integration

The Project

Easho approached us in the early days of their business idea – a wholesale bulk-buying B2C subscription box. Shopping for your big branded health, home and beauty products. 

The idea is that you build your box, choose how often you would like it to be delivered, and then it would arrive on your doorstep, either recurring or just the one-off box.

What We Did

Working closely with the Easho team, the project went through technical planning and scoping processes to understand the features and functionality that was needed for it all to work. 

The site was built on Magento 2. We built custom modules for the subscription service giving the customer complete control over their box deliveries allowing them to buy one off, or automated recurring purchases at custom intervals. The subscriptions were handled by Stripe, we extended this to create an order in Magento each time a recurring payment was made. 

The site also needed a bespoke box builder, we extended the Magento bundle product type to handle this functionality. 

We implemented the Algolia search system, delivering results back in milliseconds - and had great feedback from this feature, from it’s success we’ve since implemented this on most of our stores. 

The Results

This initial iteration resulted in some sales, but after user feedback and research it was decided to simplify the experience and give a more familiar online catalog shopping experience. This had an immediate impact and sales grew rapidly reaching over £2m in sales in under 12 months. 

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